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LF an adventure =p

breaker10breaker10 Member Posts: 1

well Im looking for a new world.. i've visited many , loved some .. and now im looking for a new one..

a game i played when i was younger was tibia (if anyone knows it at all ..) i loved it because it seemed never ending.. theres alwaise where to improve and by failing or dying you lose some progress.. motivated me.. i loved the housing there and the fact that i wasnt just grinding quests but leveling skills aswell .. and that i needed people's help to gain more power and not just for gear at lvl cap like most games today  although if i got strong enough i could go solo on pretty much everything.. being able to keep getting stronger with no end in sight (back than getting top lvl was.. well.. impossible.. 3 years and nobody was even close..) .. moving on i played wow and guild wars and many others, , i'de like a good graphics game but its not a must i suppose.. i like big wide open worlds to explore and without shortcuts.. i like traveling.. while there are those sick pvp'rs outside that just want to kill me..  i dont even mind if those games dont have massive amounts of players as long as there are enough to make bonds and do you stuff..

i hope ill get some suggestions ..

ty for the help- =p

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