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How Does World PVP Work In TERA?

Macrinus101Macrinus101 Member Posts: 44

I was reading about how they would revamp the alliance system. Am I wrong or are these huge alliance battles with 100-300+ people just in one huge pvp zone instance and separate from the world?


Does world pvp not go along with what alliance your guild is in? Say you and the guild you are in joins an alliance, if you encounter people of another guild in the game world who are also in the same alliance as you, would they be marked as a blue friendly or not?


  • DamonVileDamonVile Member UncommonPosts: 4,818

    On a pve server the only place "huge" pvp battles happen is in the contested zone during key raids. huge being as many people as you bring with you and often have little to no resistance once it gets to a size that you just slaughter anything you see as a zerg.

    I don't know how it works on a pvp server. You might get better feedback posting on the tera forums. Here you just get trolls or ignored.

  • Macrinus101Macrinus101 Member Posts: 44

    Can someone please tell me here? My post on their official forums was useless.



    On my server, most guilds are in the enlightened union so I don't know how the hell the Alliance pvp will be balanced when 80% of guilds on my server is the enlightened union, they should have made it so you can't choose what guild your alliance joins and one is given to you so it would be BALANCED!



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