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Old school fun.

HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,496
I played this game back in 2002. It was fun but buggy. Game company hands game over to fans and spring forward to 2013. Most of the bugs are fixed and game runs better than it ever did. This game is just crazy fun to play now. No monthly no cash shop. Small community which means at least for me i know alot of them now. High lvl players helping low lvl's all over the place. They should start promoting this game again. I play nothing else but this game now. They just did a twitch tv special interview with the new Dev's and that was great because of all player questions on the boards they answered. It was fun because it was held in game at one of the strip clubs with a real dj spinning tunes. People need to check out this game again. Its old school though if your a graphics nut you won't like it then. To me they not that bad. The game world is massive. Made a Tank/Driver. The city is huge but going outside in the wasteland driving my buggy is a blast.
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