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City of Steam: Arkadia

SeelinnikoiSeelinnikoi Member RarePosts: 1,067

New website landpage now shows that City of Steam: Arkadia is launching in November.

The game failed and they are shutting down the old servers and relaunching a game?

Double fail servings anyone?



  • daytoradaytora Member Posts: 6

    the big issue is, us players who are currently playing on the r2 servers, now lose EVERYTHING. im a players on s2 avenoss. im a top player for my class, my company is a tp company.we lose it all.all our gear and mods gone. our company( which you need to upgrade with ingame earned currency) gone. the money we spent for cosmetics or steambikes/pets/jetpacks/cosmetics..ALL GONE. a lot of us left stuck through the worst of the worst. 5 months of being neglected by r2 yet becuase we loved ohe game so much stayed. now theyre shutting the servers down, and were gonig to lose EVERYTHING.. weve all worked so hard for ingame.....unless

    mechanist steps up and shows us they really do still care about us players.

    they need to try to get the data from the r2 servers and transfer our accounts/cahracets over, or we will  lose EVERYTHING.

    please help support us dedicated players so we dont  lose it all

    i have made a video explaining the situation on my youtube, im also very active on the r2 forums for a while.

  • iridescenceiridescence Member UncommonPosts: 1,552

    May try this again when they restart it. I found the setting cool but the gameplay unfortunately kind of lame.


  • daytoradaytora Member Posts: 6

    the new mechanist website for the usa servers is now up, with a lot of info to read!

    they have also released the compensaiton info details,r egarding account/players compensation for alpha/closed beta players and r2 server players.

    i have also done some reviews about the situation on my youtube, the newest regarding the recent compensation announcement. please give it a view and leave some comments on the video.

    youtube channelname = hurricane126 (no space between hurricane and 126)

  • AcorniaAcornia Member UncommonPosts: 215
    Word was just posted at official site that there will be only one English server that will be able to hold several thousand concurrent players when they launch City of Steam: Arkadia.
  • AcorniaAcornia Member UncommonPosts: 215

    Just posted on City of Steam: Arkadia web page.  Launch date is 4 Dec at 2100hes east coast time.

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