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Live Forum Q&A Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade



  • TheNecromancerTheNecromancer Member Posts: 5

    Heya guise!  This is a certain Necron/Chaos-Nurgle fan of your forums!


    What are your feelings on the Necrontyr?

    I know there´s been talks about introducing them as an NPC enemy, but what about something playable instead?

    The baseline Necron skeleton should be able to be costumized into any role from Melee, Jump-trooper, Caster/Support and whatnot with the same core but with variety as Space Marines or Eldar!

    So guys, any chance for playable Necrons?

    ( Ignore the silly Tomb Kings hat on the Lord and other specialized units. )



    As for something more definite for Launch - Chaos Space Marines.

    Power Scythes?

    Dark Robes covering our Power Armour akin to some which Dark Angels or Templars have or Mantles made off of the sewn together skins and faces of the victims of Chaos?

    Skull/skeletal like face costumization. ( If I can't play Necrons, Chaos are my second best option to try and catch a a skeletal or undead/decaying look!

  • duskbreakerduskbreaker Member Posts: 3
    Originally posted by TheNecromancer


    ( Ignore the silly Tomb Kings hat on the Lord. )

    You do know that the overlords come with those "Hats" right?

  • GendoriusGendorius Member Posts: 2

    I was just wondering, what is the target audience? Will people who do not like the game idea of Planetside like the game, or are the two so closely related, that except for strik cruisers, the Warhammer universe, and some new names it's the same game?

    It's a tough question to ask, because it's not an "Yes/No" question, i want to know if i'd end up playing the game for 30 minutes and then never touching it again because there are betetr games to co-op with friends where PvP isn't the main focus.

  • TornadiumTornadium Member Posts: 1

    Tornadium from the forums here.

    I had two questions

    1. Do you have any ideas about how you will balance the PvP and PvE aspects of the game, you mentioned closed PvE away from the PvP Zones. Will this in any way affect the outcome or balance of the PvP? If so how do you intend to deal with the inability of factions to control the tempo of the war.

    2. Do you think we'll be seeing a lot of input from the Devs or GMs with regards to random events during the wars such as reinforcements from NPCs or some kind of natural disaster (warp storm maybe) which has effects on the battlefield such as longer spawn times?


  • TheNecromancerTheNecromancer Member Posts: 5


    Aye, I am aware. I just find the new necron ''hats'' for multiple units to be atrocious - either in their lax design and stature.

    Or just about being unneeded, taking away from their dread and terminator look just to enforce the already obvious Egyptian/Scarab theme.

    Basically, visually a 100 % lazy copy of Tomb Kings in space with the new codex, all those additions are fine - except for the hats. The hats are terrible! X(

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Goldoche429

    1. How are we going to communicate with our teammates? Besides the chat, is there going to be a commo rose like in the Battlefield series or VGS commands like in Tribes? What about VOIP?

    David: We have plans for this, and even potentially integrated voice chat.

    Patrick: We need to investigate first!

    Brent: Quick commands for sure.




    2. How big are the maps going to be? To which game do they compare?


    Steven: David won`t let me say yet.  Big.  Real big.



    3.What is the map design going to be like? What's the typical distance between each base? What's the line of sight for open terrain (is it more like the Arma series or more like an arena shooter)?


    Steven: We`re still testing to find all of these numbers, but we`re taking a page out of what`s come before and worked well.

    David: The Arma series is a good reference on this point.



    4.What is the respawn system going to be like? Where can you respawn and how long will it take? Any special features or gadgets for squad leaders? Are you gonna make troop transports relevant or people will be able to teleport across the map?



    Brent: Our goal is to make death be a factor in battles, but still fun.  Troop transports will be important and relevant, but you won`t have any Eve-like commutes.

    Miguel: Just take the blue pill.



    5. Is there gonna be some form of logistics or rts elements? Some form of resources for vehicles or healing items, for example.


    Brent: Logistics yes, but we`re not an RTS.  Large-scale Resource Management is something that only the leaders will be concerned with.


    6.What is the metagame going to be like besides conquering the next base and progressing your character? Any grand goals or faction-wide objectives?


    Steven: The Campaigns will tie into this, with your successes and failures persisting for some time and changing your faction`s capabilities in coming engagements.  As each faction`s capabilities shift, every player will have to adjust their strategy to account for the tides of war.




    7.What is going to be the effective range of engagement for ranged units?

    Brent: It depends on the weapon - vehicles and sniper-type weapons shoot far enough to be relevant.  Our first tests for bolters are something more like 40m.

    Steven: 24 inches.




    8.What are the different type of vehicles? Any type of special features planned like directional armor or localized damage (being able to blow up tank tracks for example)? What is going to the range of engagement for vehicles? How will they interact with infantry (will anybody be able to blow up a tank, will anybody be able to spawn or pilot one?



    Brent: Directional armor certainly.  If Infantry bring the right tools, they will definitely be able to take out a tank.  Anyone can spawn a vehicle if they can afford it, and have access to it.



    9.How will vehicle spawning work?


    Brent: You'll choose your vehicle, pay for it at a vehicle point, and it will be delivered to you in a lore-compatible fashion!  This isn't class limited, but your available resources and territory control may affect it.



    10. When are we going to see the first gameplay footage?


    Miguel: Within the next month!


  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Wolffkran
    Any plans on letting Apothecaries having any advanced roles such as recovering Gene Seed to increase respawn rates or possibly temporarily buffing nearby troops through augmentation?

    David: They will have functions beyond fighting and rezzing, that's for sure.  What game mechanics we can use to support the fluff will be carefully taken into consideration.

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Pauleh
    If more playable races are added such as the Imperial Guard, would they be playable along side the Space Marines?  Or would they be against each other (i.e would there be factions with multiple races).

    Brent: We have to analyze the state of the game post launch, but either of these is a possibility.

  • duskbreakerduskbreaker Member Posts: 3



    Only the Overlords and Lychguard/Praetorians have them.

    Clearly to show to a high status and to be able to differentiate from their new models as the old necron codex had a whopping 3 non-lord necron foot soldiers that looked very similar.

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Merkethy
    Techmarines (and other factions equivalent), what sort of machines and technology will they be able to build/use in combat?

    Brent: No promises on techmarines at launch, but expect the most iconic things to be represented- like the Thunderfire Cannon!

  • TheNecromancerTheNecromancer Member Posts: 5

    That'd be pretty interesting.  Post launch addon:

    Imperial Guard support option to Space Marines.

    Cultists for Chaos Space Marines.

    Grotz for Orkz.

    Whatever equivalent there is to Eldar if needed.

  • LoneWolf13LoneWolf13 Member Posts: 2

    Hello Behaviour, and thank you for your time!

    I would like to know:

    1. Are you thinking of including The Imperial Guard, the Chaos Cultists or the Space Marine Scouts as future free-to-play options?

    2. Are you thinking of using the experience from Star Citizen to create space combat in the future?

    3. Will you add the Adeptus Mechanicus, like the Skitarii or Legio Cybernetica, in the future?

    Thanks again for your time, and may the Emperor guide you to victory!


  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by materscout

    how will physic ability’s effect tanks ?? And if I use a physic ability could I end up being sucked into the warp for failing to do it summons correctly ?

    Brent: The same way they do on the tabletop! 

    David: The main purpose of Psychic abilities isn't to target vehicles, but we will have a Perils of the Warp feature.  It probably won't involve sucking you into the warp though.

  • AlfabusaAlfabusa Member Posts: 3

    Woh, third question! So bothersome, roight?

    When a player dies in the game, what happens with his character? Do you respawn somewhere through teleportation, or is it something different?


    Also, will there be any area within the game where players from all factions can meet and battle?


    OH, AND ONE LAST THING. Will the player be able to jump with the space-bar with all factions!?

  • AlizoniusAlizonius Member Posts: 2
    Any word on faction prestige classes for endgame?

    Max level characters with lots of renown could opt in to be a senior rank in their faction. It would come with stat boosts and specific items, but dying would delete your character. Upon deletion you would then have the option to start a prestige class of that race.

    For example, The space marines/chaos prestige class would be a Dreadnaught. It would have a seperate skill tree and items but could only be called down in the larger of the battles. The implication is that your previous character was interned in this dreadnaught.
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by ThatRoadGuy

    Hello Behaviour Team, and thank you very much for taking time away from your busy schedules to answer the questions of your salivating fans! I'll get right to it:


    1) You've previously stated that you intend to increase the amount of Factions available in post-release expansions. Is it too early to assume you have an idea what order you'd like to release the ones you have in mind, or do you intend to turn it to the fanbase once you've reached a point where you can begin work on said post-release content?


    David: Yes, we have an idea, but we'll watch what happens after launch to make the decision.




    2) From what I've seen, some Ork forces are... expendable, armed with packs of explosives and sent willingly to their doom, so long as they take a few dozen others with them. With your stance on F2P Players having a limited capacity to the game, would you find them a likely fit for such a strategically important role, or if this gameplay style is offered for the Orks, would something like this be well suited for those that would actually PREFER to run into the fray with a bag full of armed grenades?



    David: F2P players will be full players with an important role to fill in the ork army.  They won't be relegated to cannon-fodder status.



    3) Everyone has their Favorite faction, mine happens to shockingly be the Space Marines. But what about you, what's YOUR favorite Faction?



    David: Tyranids!

    Brent: Chaos Daemons!

    Steven: Dark Eldar!




    4) I'll cease my questions with this: One of my favorite parts during previous Warhammer 40,000 Video Games is the ability to call in a Tarantula Sentry Gun or some similar piece of automated mechanical masterpiece. You've noted the ability to call in Orbital Strikes with Guild Frigates, so are Sentry Guns something I could also look forward to?

    David: We're planning to have deployables, but we don't know what specific choices we'll have.




    Thank you all again for taking time to answer our questions.


  • TheNecromancerTheNecromancer Member Posts: 5

    Though with 4-5 Factions to be made.

    Wouldn't this had been perfect for Chaos?

    The Death Guard

    The Emperor's Children

    The Thousand Sons 

    The World Eaters

    And as the 5th - The Black Legion, have been perfect? All the most iconic aspects of Chaos and then the Ultramarines equivalent of Chaos that is the Black Legion for posterworks. :>


  • VegiVegi Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for doing this Behaviour!


    I only have one question and it is the most important question of all to me...

    Will friends who don't play the same faction have capabilities to play together, even if it is just PvE?  Hobbiest groups don't necessarily all reflect the same army type in table top so I can't imagine this is a small subset of players. 



    Oh man, ignore this (unless Brent has more to add!), I notice Patrick already took a stab at answering this in a previous thread.

    Link to those curious:

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by imunreal
    I know that the game is being mostly about PVP but I love my PVE content (such as dungeons/instances/raids) will we see any of this?

    Steven: We're going to offer Underworld Dungeons that take inspiration from games like Left 4 Dead, Diablo/Torchlight, and Spelunky!  If you like that kind of co-op pve gameplay, then this should satisfy your cravings!

  • jaredamos321jaredamos321 Member Posts: 1
    I havn't found this asked anywhere else yet, But will there be another game mode where to just have some fun or practice combat like an arena where you can invite players to a smaller game size maybe from 2 to 50 players with premade maps like halo or space marine? just to take a break from the whole mmo experience but still enjoy the game?
  • WolffkranWolffkran Member Posts: 3
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38

    Thanks everyone!  We got the go-ahead to stay later for 45 minutes after our intended finish time, but now our time is over.


    Don't be too sad, we're going back to creating the game for you.  Thanks for all your questions, if you want to follow the game and hear more then come visit our website at !




  • ChaosLordAadilChaosLordAadil Member Posts: 2


  • TheNecromancerTheNecromancer Member Posts: 5

    Oh god, I forgot to ask something - which every roleplayer will kill us for if there isn't any light shed on it.

    Will there be text-bubbles popping by our characters, friend or foe when we write to or yell at one another?

    Whether it is battlecries or you know, ''Campfire roleplay'' as we await the next skirmish.


    Usually writing and roleplay doesn't translate well in a busy general chat, or exclusively to a chat bar in general for immersion or fluidity. ( It´s easier to recognise who said what and when - as it pops up by their character or heads. :)

    ( This is also what killed SWTOR for the roleplaying community, the people that usually are the last ones to leave the ship, sinking with it instead. )


  • GendoriusGendorius Member Posts: 2
    Well frag to that chance of some answears, guess i can see what else i can do on this newly created account i solely made to ask questions on a site which was announced on other sites where i already had an account and would've loved to ask there instead.
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