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Live Forum Q&A Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade



  • highs2lowshighs2lows Member Posts: 6
    Will i be able to change the skin color of my marine? I've always wanted to play as a Black Space Wolf
  • inkwizitorinkwizitor Member Posts: 1
    Will there be battle-cries, commands and shouts like in the Dawn of War series?
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by MumboJumbo

    Thanks Behaviour for taking the time to engage with the fans and be honest about develop and what sort of game you're making. I'm thankful you're taking WH40K and attempting to find a match to the MMO space.

    1) The actiony combat and 4+1 Factions sounds like fun intense in the moment gameplay. But how do you foresee retention of players in the long-term? I know you've mentioned Campaigns but how do battles have a meaningful impact from battle to battle and territory and resources claimed for the player population? I mean will players gain a sense of conquering and claiming whole planets or galaxies and having to run their war effort strategically for eg?


    Brent: The key is community and a sense of meaning to your actions.  We`re designing everything in the game to reinforce a sense of engagement with your faction and the people in it, and the outcome of each campaign will have a lasting impact.


    2) Similar question but how do you envisage retention for the individual player progression in one faction? Eg Eldar from Guardian to Aspect Warrior to Exarch to what? Leader?

    Brent: So we have individual progression and social progression.  Your individual character may advance through tabletop ranks, but if you want to become a true leader then you`ll have to convince other people that you`re worthy of the role.


    David: You`re fighting a war and the goal is that you feel involved in this war and the outcome of it.



    3) FireFall had a great mechanic with the soaring in the sky thing that reminded straightaway of Eldar Swooping Hawks. Will Swooping Hawks be able to travel like this high high up in the sky over the battle-field as deep penetration troops?

    Brent: Swooping Hawks will certainly swoop!

    David: We`re planning on one jump/jet unit per faction.


    Thanks and impressed with some of your core designs so far and attempting to translate the IP into a suitable gameplay form in the MMO space. image


  • JehdinJehdin Member CommonPosts: 2
    Tau Empire.....please.....PLEASE???   I said please.  :)
  • highs2lowshighs2lows Member Posts: 6
    they are way too polite to fit with the grim/dark 41 millenium where there is only war. You need to play as a murdering psychopath sorry.
  • AndierAndier Member Posts: 2

    So, Patrick's Job is to hit you with a Chainsword?

    Will Dreadnaughts be implementet like normal tanks (like a predator) or do we have to think more on basic of the lore?

    I mean, will I have to die for mounting one?

  • SoKielSoKiel Member Posts: 1

    It's been said that the game will probably not have shards and will run on a single server, that allows around 1K players at once.

    Can you explain a little, how will the game run on one server for 1K+ players, when obviously the number of players will far exceed 1K? What happens to the players beyond 1K? Do they stand in a queue to get in the game?


    And thank you for what you do to Warhammer 40K community! You are the best!

    On behalf of the Eldar community, please make this (probably the most minor) faction true to their lore and potential as much as you can. Will you do that for us?=)


  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by ChaosLordAadil

    Hello there, Chaos Lord Aadil here from the EC forums, I just want to start with, I am a big fan of Warhammer 40k. I love everything you have done so far, I love the website, I love the voice acting, I love the forums, I love the art, I love the moderaters espcially for appearing online everyday and being there for when we need them. ;)


    Anyways, I was wondering, who is going to be behind the music of the game? I mean who is currently going to create the music for the game? Would it be possible if we could just hear a little snip of their soundtrack of the game so far? 


    David: We're talking to a talented composer here in Montreal, who convinced us with some very nice samples.  Once we finalize things, we'll be able to reveal more!



    Also, will the devs themselves be taking part in battles? Or anyone from Behaviour contributing to the battle when the game does release?


    Patrick: HELL yeah!

    David: It's important for developers to play their own game, but we don't want to play favorites.  We'll let the community lead itself.



    Another question, will we see more artwork being released? Can we have a sneak peak at the next work of art?


    David: There's more coming soon!  Lots more... but no sneak peeks.  :)


    Will it be possible to run the game on lower spec computer, then the specs of the Xbox one so that more people can particpate in the battles? 


    Patrick: We're working as hard as we can to make this possible.


    Another thing, since you've including a picture of the Blood Gorgon on your twitter and on your website, will the Blood Gorgons be one of the chaos legions?

    David: We're letting the community vote for a final chapter, so this may be in your hands!



    Will it be possible to collect skulls from your enemies? Or collect armor or any other item?

    Brent: I'm writing this down in my notes!


    Would it be possible to ascend to daemonhood in the game, or is that a bit to over the top?

    Brent: Not at launch, but maybe after!



    How many Tyranids will be on each map? (rough estimation or the exact number if you have it)

    Steven: We want this!  But we have to test to make sure we can support hundreds (or thousands!) of players in a single battle... plus tyranids.



    Another question I've been wondering, who's the person who voices the chaos voice on the EC homepage? and while I'm at it, which people did the voices for the Space marine, ork and eldar on the EC homepage as well?

    Miguel: GameOn Audio provided us these.  We thought they did a great job!


    I know these are a lot of question but I really appreciate it if you have the time to answer them ^^

    Okay, what did you want to ask?  ;)

  • BenkedBenked Member Posts: 2
    Hello Behaviour Team! My question is how will sub chapter/craftworld etc. be determined or how will they make an appearance? Would it be in the form of an update or DLC?
  • KadaiKadai Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I read you guys were planning at 5 classes per faction, for Eldar that kind of puts them in an awkward spot considering how their paths work with little customization inside each but with the large variances between, how will that work out with the Eldar fans all wanting their favorite aspects in?
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Spookygear

    A bit of a similar question that i see coming back here and there but oh so important to me.

    With only 1 of the 4 factions offering a possible option for female toons, how will the game include let say female gamers who would rather be able to keep their gender in any chosen factions without breaking the so holy fluff? ( I'm no talking of that grotesque idea of female sm and such but more of chapter serfs, imperial guards and chaos cultists and such.)


    Brent: At launch, Eldar is the only option for players who want to play a female character.  After launch, we'll be expanding the available races.


    And also, why not nids as a player race?  They are the cutest bunch!

    David: Tyranids are mindless troops slaved to the will of the hive mind.  It could be great for a strategy game, but we felt that in a third person Massive Combat RPG they were too perfect as an NPC threat.

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Osafiny

    I'm hyped for what you guys are doing, and I can tell you guys have a healthy love of the lore.  I'll be rooting for you all the way to the finish line.

    Brent: Thanks dude!


    I have one simple question and one slightly more involved in-game mechanics question.

    Firstly, are you guys planning to do an open beta at any point in the development process, and if you are how specific can you be about when it'll go live?
      (I understand that it's a long shot to ask about something so far in the future, but it can't hurt!)

    David: We will have an open beta, probably at the end of 2015.



    Secondly, Augmentation is a huge part of the lore in many factions.  Are things like Cybork Bitz and Mechadendrites going to be implemented, and and how-so?  Equipment maybe?  Semi-permanent upgrades?

    Brent: Yep!  These sorts of things will be either accessories or properties of a class.




  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Aragoni
    What kind of scenery can we expect from Eternal Crusade? Jungles? Metropolies? Deserts? 

    Steven: We've announced four biomes: Jungles, Deserts, Arctic, and Temperate.

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by eroda
    1. When will we be getting those screenshots and footage that was mentioned!


    Miguel: Soon!  Within the next month.

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Marshalmatthew
    Where is that alpha video that was supposed to be shown in October?

    Steven: Hi Marshal, nice to see you here!  We're working on some footage to show you, but we're currently pre-alpha; in fact, alpha isn't planned for this year.

    Miguel: This will probably come within the next month.

  • IxbayIxbay Member Posts: 1

    Greetings, Behaviour!


    - Population unbalance is the major problem in MMOs (like Planetside, but that the game rules "Size Always Matter"), how did you gonna "try" balance it? For example XP/resources bonus where X faction is underpopulated, or something else?


    - About vehicles, did the driver can control weapons (I think on some vehicles he can, but mainly)? Or it work like Driver and gunners?


    - I already ask this question and Patrick have already answer it, but I really care about it, I really suggest you to not put anything that could make a K/D in-game. Because this simple statistic change how people gonna play, for example; when it's time to zerg-graveyard,  the average people will think "Oh my dear K/D, I will not kill you for winning this battle, I stay safe for sniping". And in Warhammer, everybody want blood and skulls, not coward campers!


    - Aircrafts, like bombers or interceptors? At release or after?


    - I already ask it on Reddit too, but Patrick said David can answer this; did we will have special equipment or implants to change the gameplay? Something like night vision googles/thermal vision?


    Merci à vous!

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Exzodium
    Psyker powers, is it going to be a thing?

    Brent: YES!  Maledictions, Benedictions, Witchfire, the works!

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Pauleh
    Can you talk anymore about Strike Force/Community owned spaces on ships?

    David: We mentioned this in a few other places.  They'll be a gathering space and a place for you to show off and share your achievements.

  • BenkedBenked Member Posts: 2
    Will we ever see any other force besides the Tyranids? Like the Necrons? Or the Tau? Would each faction have an equalizing factor when the tide of battle isn't going their way? Like deamons for the Chaos or the Legion of the Damned for the Space marines?
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Batpimp

    What are some of the options you are considering for the tactical overview for the squad leaders and strike force leaders?


    are you getting inspiration from other games we can look to for reference?

    Brent: Ease of communication and oversight is the key here.  Look at games like Planetside 2 and Battlefield for some of our sources of inspiration.

  • AndierAndier Member Posts: 2

    I know its late, but I had to create an account.

    Will there be Hive Worlds?

  • garrettgarrett MMORPG.COM Staff UncommonPosts: 284






  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Locutus001

    Locutus here from the Eternal Crusade forums! My questions are will the team being adding Forge World (the company) models into the game (weapons, armor, warmachines) or will you only be using creations directly from Games Workshops?

    David: Potentially, especially for under-represented models like some flyers.  If it's properly canonical in the 40k universe, then there's no problem.



    Second, will you be using the new units that Games Workshop has added to 40k, like Space Marine Centurions (oh god please don't), or will you stick to the classics?


    Brent: Centurions specifically won't be in the game for launch.  We're prioritizing the most iconic units first.


    Steven: (David ran a 3-heldrake cheese army and lost with it twice in a row, the second time because of Centurions.)





    Also, why is Steven Lumpkin so sexy???


    Miguel:  What??? I lost my spot???

    Steven: Aww shucks.







  • El_NihltosEl_Nihltos Member Posts: 1

    Will there be a hunter like class which has pets that do the fighting for him?

    Am thinking a Commissar with some stormtroopers or an Inquisitor and his servitors.


    Also, you talk about one big server that houses all players. Will we be able to have different characters from different factions and how will you handle players logging in just to get info?



  • duskbreakerduskbreaker Member Posts: 3
    Will there be in game voice chat or will we be forced to use third party?
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