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Live Forum Q&A Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade



  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Batpimp

    most of your questions have already been answered by patrick. check out this link made by Savvj



    90% of your questions have been answered.

    Thanks Batpimp!  We have no problems answering repeat questions- we can't STOP OURSELVES from talking about this game!


    Special thanks to Savij for writing up the dev tracker!

  • BatpimpBatpimp Member UncommonPosts: 29



    From the perspective of someone whom has played Guild wars 2 and Dark age of camelot what kind of help are you going to give players if they face a massive population imbalance?

    In some other games i have played the population which had the least amount of players would get in game buffs that would last only if their population remained low in comparison to the other factions.

    How do you plan to implement fixing ongoing population inbalances?

  • materscoutmaterscout Member Posts: 6

    what the chance of Squat NPC’s in the game ….. :S (every game needs dwarfs right  ) and no there not 100% killed off … just 99.9% dead … if you even have one NPC squat i would be happy

  • aesperusaesperus Member UncommonPosts: 5,135

    One thing I loved about the tabletop was the ability to customize your own chapters to a certain degree. Are there any plans in place as far as squad specific character customization? I.E. can you customize the look of a squad / outfit / w.e. u wanna call it with custom decals / paint jobs / visible accessories?


  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by AugustSun

    Hey there guys! I have a few questions for you guys, and hopefully they can be answered.

    • Will there be benefits for group play? More on that, will there be more benefits for guilds/groups?
    Miguel: Of course!  The whole game is made for that!
    Brent: The Squad (your friends) is the core group we're building the game around.
    David: And if you are playing solo, there's always opportunity to join pick up groups or open Strike Forces.
    • While you will have to choose a chapter to be a part of in the game, there are many sub-chapters for them. Is there any chance that we would be able to re-skin for those sub-chapters?
    David: No.
    Brent: Not at launch.
    • Are classes going to be evolutionary? (e.g. Assault marines go to Vanguard Veterans, and the like)
    Brent: We're investigating this as a part of the ranking up system.  Most likely, Ranking Up expands your options and what you can equip in your loadout.
    • What are some vehicles we should expect?
    Patrick: RHINO!
    Brent: Trukk!

    Steven: Wave Serpent Spam!


    Steven: (We had a tussle on the tabletop recently, and Brent's still sore.)

    Brent: I can read that, you know....

    David: Chaos Predator.  And maybe Land Raiders.


    • Will there be a potential for permanent installments for guilds/groups (e.g. A strike cruiser, battlekroozer, etc.)
    Brent: Yes!  Your Strike Force will own its own orbiting Strike Force Cruiser.
    ?I'll come up with more, hopefully!


  • MatobarMatobar Member Posts: 1

    Hey Guys!  Matobar here from the EC Forums :D

    I have just a few questions for you guys!


    1. Sisters of Battle/Adeptas Sororitas?  Can you tell us any plans you have for them?  How they'll work with Spehs Mahreens and other future possible Imperium Factions?  Ideas for how they'll work?
    2. There's a forum thread that has seen a lot of people asking for Necrons to be included as an NPC race, similar to the 'Nids, instead a fully playable faction.  Can you comment?
    3. A lot of people on the forums are also against fully PvE areas, and feel that PvE should either not affect PvP, or that PvP should be able to break into PvP, like in EVE Online.  Can you comment?
    4. Blood Ravens: You love 'em or you hate 'em.  Do you guys have any plans for videogames' first Spehs Mahreen Chapter?
    5. Will a Chaos player be able to declare allegiance to any single Chaos God?  Or will they be required to serve Chaos Undivided?  If the former, will these allegiances affect gameplay?  Or will they be cosmetic in nature?
    6. You guys have said you'd like to have Pad/Smartphone apps that connect people to the game.  Will there be some sort of minigame people can play, or some other way to influence the actual battles with these apps?  
  • ReclusiarchReclusiarch Member Posts: 1

    Hello Behaviour!

    Getting close combat right can be difficult, at least if you want it to feel right. Space Marine did it very well in single player, but in multiplayer is often came down to a click fest without much control or tactics. That said, the animations were great, and the character animations both in and out of combat were great.

    You have said several times that you have Space Marine as a inspiration for the combat. Will you improve upon their formula and somehow make it tactical, skillbased, but still look natural? (I personally have no idea how that can be done, but I wish you guys all of luck! :)).

  • Romulous_xDAxRomulous_xDAx Member Posts: 1
    Will there be use of teleport homers and deep striking to gather your clan for mass combat if needed at a moments notice.
  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by guy232

    1: will gretchin be possibly added to the game? and if so could get  get vehciles unique to them? for example a Killa-Kan or be able to pilot a Grot-bomb?

    Brent: Most likely they will be in the game... but probably not playable at launch.




    2: Could you reward things like transportation of troops?  I know that driving war trukks and APCs may seem dull, but maybe provide an incentive for thoes drivers to ferry troops around the battlefield.  Afterall it may/or may not be a fun job, but its a job that needs doing!


    David: You can always roll over your enemies!  Brent just wrote this down on his notes to investigate, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.


    3:how are you looking to add dreadnaught in the game?

    Brent: After launch. :D

    David: NOOOOOOO!

    Brent: We'll see.



    4 would you possibly have ragdolls in the game?  I know in Mount&blade they had ragdoll physics in extremly high number and were still able to function,  I imagine if implement in your game in the same way, you could get the  same result. 


    Patrick: AT LAST MY TIME HAS COME!  This is up for investigation.  We have a physics engine, but we're not sure yet.



  • Greetings and blessings from the Plague Lord upon you,

    I have three questions, first; Obliterators- do they have a chance of being in the crusade and if so, will they be an an upgrade or a separate class? 

    Second: how will the purchasing system work for the different factions? if i buy a chaos package will i be able to play another space marine character or will i have to pay for double dipping?

    and finally will the classic cult troops be available to chaos (i.e. Plague marines, Noise marines, etc.)?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by ThomasN7

    1. When do you think we will actually get to see some gameplay.


    Miguel: hopefully in the next month you'll get to see some very early footage of combat!



    2. How will you be able to keep players staying with your game long term.

    Brent: Community.

    David: Fun.

    Patrick: OPTIMIZATION!

    Steven: The Underworld!

    Miguel: Special execution animations... you know the one.  And I'm a black-belt 5th degree tae-kwon-do master, and I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP.  :|



    3. Will there be any crafting in the game and if so what can we expect ?

    Brent: Yes, this takes the form of a weapon upgrade system.  You won't see any Space Marines banging on a rock with a pickaxe, it's more that you'll slot new components into weapons to improve them in specific ways.



  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Valrak40k

    Hey Chaps, Chapter Master Valkr here.

    The question I wanted to ask is about group pre-order, Miguel stated in an interview that there would be a system in place for this. Can you go into more details about what benefits/bonus stuff we can get if we group order the game with friends?

    Thanks for you time :)

    Miguel: Hi Valkr!  Yes, we will absolutely have the option to pre-order Eternal Crusade in groups.  Same with the whole in-game store; there will be a section dedicated to your entire squad.

  • BatpimpBatpimp Member UncommonPosts: 29

    For the orks getting into melee combat is essentially their goal.

    If for example i do engage another faction in melee ,as a NOB or stormboy, how do you plan to balance the fact that its much safer and easier to be in ranged almost always as another faction.


    My fear is that i MIGHT get close and perhaps land a blow or two but because I am at the forefront of almost all my enemies line of sight i will never last more than a few seconds.


    has this scenario played out in your tests? how have you seen the melee work? what works and doesnt work? it seems to me that ranged will have the advantage in every situation and even if i DO make it into melee i might get 1-2 kills. If the respawn is far away and i have no way of closing the distance it seems i wont be getting much action just a lot of frustration.

  • AlfabusaAlfabusa Member Posts: 3
    When it comes to terms of speed, what vehicle will be the fastest and which one will be the slowest?
  • ikraosikraos Member Posts: 1

    How big will the universe bee, is it mutipel faktions fighting over a singel planet at the lanch or will there be multipel planets?


  • vDarkWolfvvDarkWolfv Member Posts: 1

    My question is about Space Wolves specifically

    There has been mention in the past of each space marine choices having a lot of depth and accuracy to the legion chosen, Space Wolf Runepriest was given as an example. The thing that I've been dying to know ever since was if the most instantly recognisable, and my personal favourite space wolf unit will be included, Thunderwolf Cavalry!

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Dreawing


    Here are my questions. 


    - How many zones will there be and how big will they be and will they be instance or wow like. 


    Steven: No numbers yet, but lots of zones, completely open world above ground.


    - will there be naval combat ? Air combat. etc like airplanes etc. ?

    Brent: No naval combat.  We're investigating aerial combat.

    Patrick:  Yes.... investigating.



    - will there be turrets?


    Brent and Patrick (simultaneously): Yes!


    - Will we see iconic characters and how will you apply to them. etc like having kharn being a super beast that kills everything?

    David: You'll get to see some, but they won't be playable.

    Steven: And we're focusing the experience of the game on you guys, rather than these characters.



    - how will exploration work in game? will there be P.O.I - Point of interest , map completion . etc.


    Steven: There will definitely be interesting sights to see and areas to explore, but we're not planning on turning this into a completionist minigame, like Vistas in Guild Wars 2.

    Brent and Patrick: There will be achievements for exploring, though!



    - will there be achievements. 



    - How will NPCs work in the game. Will there be a crap load of orkz that will help the player ork army fight other factions. Will there be NPCs in bases and etc.

    Steven: We're investigating getting a handful of NPC defenders at each stronghold or outpost, but armies will be composed of players.



    - Dungeons?


    Steven: We call them "Underworlds", and they're inspired by games like Left 4 Dead, Diablo and Torchlight, and Spelunky.


    - how much can we customize, can we put skulls on your characters and trophies. 


    Brent: Some of this will be tied to your stats and build, but we'll have cosmetic customization as well.  Again, it's that trade off between variety and performance, so we need to test.



    - How will we take over bases or supply lines. Will it be a area you stand in? have to kill a commander to change it?  Take control of the whole base, wipe everything that is in there? Also will things be destroy able- etc walls, barrels /


    Brent: We want to split up the zerg, so when it comes to the large bases we're looking at ways to require players to hold multiple points simultaneously to hold the zone.  For small bases, this may be a matter of holding a single point.

    Steven: We'll have discrete destructible areas, perhaps some sections of walls or gates, but the majority of the world will not be destructible.


    - Will it be 24 hr day time and night time. How will day time fight be different to night time fighting.  Will bullets and bombs light up the sky? What will weather system be like? can weather system change outcome of the fight. etc fog, Rain , smoke, Fire , blizzard.

    Steven: There will be a day/night cycle, but it probably won't tie to the real world day/night cycle.  We want you to be able to experience different settings!  We're investigating the possibility of battle-changing weather systems, but this can be complex.






    and thank you for answering my questions. I can't wait for this game!


  • materscoutmaterscout Member Posts: 6

    how do you see raids working, will each faction have different raids or will it be all the same ? just a good or bad ending?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Lizburn
    I know some people have been asking about this, but I'll say it anyway. Will we be seeing different genders in the game? IG gets female and male soldiers, Eldar as well. Just a thought.

    David:  We're staying true to the lore with gender.  Eldar will have the option to choose male or female, but Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines will all be male.  Orks are fungi, so.... we have that going for us too.

  • AlizoniusAlizonius Member Posts: 2

    Are you going to implement IG?

    How about playing as a Commissar and having some *BLAM*-able NPC guardsmen under your direct command? Or how about playing as Kasrkins or Ogryns? Hell, how about making a Vindicare Assassin some kind of high-level character?

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Savair
    Can you confirm the Engine you are using yet?

    Miguel: Yes, it's .... 

    Patrick: wait!... ::chainsword revvs::

    Miguel: Ouch!

    Patrick: Not yet.  :)

    Miguel: Grrrr...

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Julkula
    When will you announce more information about Eldars and Chaos factions ? =)

    David: Chaos will be revealed quite soon!

  • BehaviourDevTeamBehaviourDevTeam WH40k: Eternal CrusadeMember Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Alfabusa


    I just would like you to boast alittle with this post. Currently, what do you think is your greatest feat within the game's development, and do you think this game will be well-recieved by the 40k-community (including the purists that think bending the lore of the game is extremely heretical)?

    Brent: Our greatest feat hasn't happened yet!

    Miguel: And we will definitely be well received.  Our lore purist fans are passionate, but they understand that we have to compromise sometimes.

    Brent: And our lore purists will be delighted once we announce our wr----

    Patrick: ::chainsword revvs::

    Brent: OUCH!

    David: Thank you, Patrick.

  • KerebrusssKerebrusss Member Posts: 1
    Will you have some sort of translator for the F2P players, turning XAXAXA, cyka, and HUE HUE in Ork WAAGHS?
  • materscoutmaterscout Member Posts: 6

    how many weapons can I carry around (as of now that is)

    and is there a wait limit to how much (weight) I can carry (weapon’s wise)  

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