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[Jung Ma] The Remnants of Hope - PvE/PvP

Remnants of Hope

"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"


Website: www.remnantsofhope.com


Alignment: Galactic Republic

Imperial Sister-Guild: Vestige of Despair

Division Commander: Zedwas

Guild Officers: Telana [PVE], Aravail [Crafting], Rayden-marz [PVP], Zek-anlai [Recruitment], Khellandros/Valarauko [Imperial Department]

Focus: Player vs. Player, Player vs. Environment, & Crafting -- [Endgame Achievement]

Raiding: 9:30PM-12:30AM EST -- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

PVP Nights: 9:00PM-12AM EST -- Monday & Wednesday

Roleplay: Casual at this time.

Timezone: Eastern -- International

VOIP: Teamspeak3

Number of Members: 100+

Recruitment Status: Open


Current Guild Progression (10/08/13) (8-Man)


Hardmode Eternity Vault - 5/5

Nightmare Eternity Vault - 5/5

Hardmode Karagga's Palace - 5/5

Nightmare Karagga's Palace - 5/5

Storymode Explosive Conflict - 4/4

Hardmode Explosive Conflict - 4/4

Nightmare Explosive Conflict - 4/4

Storymode Terror From Beyond - 5/5

Hardmode Terror From Beyond - 5/5

Nightmare Terror From Beyond - 4/5

Storymode Scum and Villainy - 7/7

Hardmode Scum and Villainy - 7/7

Nightmare Scum and Villainy - 0/7

Storymode Dread Palace - 5/5

Hardmode Dread Palace - 5/5

Storymode Dread Fortress - 5/5

Hardmode Dread Fortress - 5/5


*Unyielding, Infernal, Furious, and The Dread Slayer Titles Attained*


About: Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009, and have remain dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic ever since. We have been able to maintain a positive image and reputation that has established itself over the course of our existence. While we partake in all three aspects; PVP, RP, and PVE, our primary focus is, and always has been, the community itself. Our philosophy is that if the community is healthy, then everything else will fall into place. 

Now, you may be thinking well, if our main focus is the Community of our guild, what about the important aspects of TOR? PVP, PVE, and RP? Our efforts and overall success within Star Wars: the Old Republic has never been hindered. Our community is comprised of many experienced and skilled individuals who are committed to our success 110%. 

In addition to being a guild dedicated to Star Wars: the Old Republic, Remnants of Hope has transformed into a multi-gaming guild at the request of its members to accommodate Guild Wars 2, and most recently, Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. Over the past 4 years we have had changes, but continue to improve with age and experience. We strive to provide an engaging environment for all members to play the way they want. Our community has grown to a roster of well over 100 members spread throughout our games, with most dipping their feet into all of the games we currently have divisions for. 


Goals & Mission: Remnants of Hope stands for many things. If our atmosphere shows anything, it displays our integrity, maturity, respect and our very will to survive. The undying loyalty to our guild shown by our members, old and new alike, has allowed us to rise from the ashes of what would have kept many guilds down! We are ever evolving and ever improving as we continue to mature as a community.

Our stand? To serve as a place where one can escape from their daily stresses of life, to simply enjoy the time that they have to spare. Our constant motivation is to ensure that everyone has the best experience that we can offer! We hope to empower and provide inspiration to many of the guilds within the SWTOR community. For us to endure for so long and to continue strong, we only hope that all of the guilds thrive! What do we stand for? Hopefully as a beacon of inspiration to any who join or any who compete. We all have one common goal among us and that is a pleasant gaming experience!


Gaming Focus - PVX: Remnants of Hope wants to give you the opportunity to build your own playstyle. This means that we offer PvE, PvP and RP. The great thing is you can literally play the way you want! Don’t care for PvE but love PvP? Go for it! Not so hot for either PvE or PvP but want to really immerse yourself in your character through Roleplay? Not a problem. Whether or not you’re casual, semi-hardcore or hardcore, we’re right there with you. We have dedicated officers for each focus, committed to giving you what you’re looking for. We love a good PvP brawl and continue to progress in operations and new content with the casual in mind and a competitive edge for those looking for a little extra.

We don't plan on limiting ourselves to one thing that the game has to offer, but all fields that we can experience as a community always growing. Our focus is far from linear and we will make the best of everything we are given! Our focus is given power and continuity through the strength of our members.


What We Offer:

Aside from giving you the freedom to choose your playstyle, we also offer many features to our community:


- Awards system for community recognition

- Highly active Website and forums

- Teamspeak 3 server

- Events Calendar loaded with new events each day

- Large community outreach

- Active RP community

- Organized PvP and PvE

- Family friendly community and environment

- Dedicated leaders


Join Us - Start Your Journey Today!


What We Look For:

Good attitude


Friendly nature

Team player


Respect and motivation


Come to our forums at www.remnantsofhope.com/forums and register as a user! From there, go to our Application Center and then fill out the application form shown in the thread labeled ~Remnants of Hope Application~! From there, take a minute to slow down. Put thought and time into your application, there is NO rush or time limit! Add substance to your answers, and let the application represent you as an individual!

Once your initial application has been accepted, you'll go through a TRIAL phase, in which you will be able to access a large portion of our forums. Introduce yourself to the guild first and foremost, put yourself out there! Check out the policies of our community and become acquainted with our website. Once you've shown the ability to be active (15 posts or more) and shown who you are to the people you'll be associating with in the near future you'll be interviewed by a member of the Recruitment Committee. (Not nearly as intimidating as it might seem!) After two weeks pass and you have completed all the Trial Objectives, you may very well become an official member of our community! From there, your journey within the Remnants of Hope begins!


  • PassifloraROHPassifloraROH Member Posts: 1
    We are still recruiting all classes and levels. Whether you are Republic or Imperial we take both! Come by and submit an application on our forums.  PVP/RP/PVE... we do it all!
  • DahkeusDahkeus Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I'm Dahkeus!

    I'm a GW2 player, but first and foremost, I'm a member of Remnants of Hope.  When I joined, I was a bit skeptical of joining a multi-game guild, but RoH has changed the way I look multi-game guilds because of how supportive and friendly everyone has been.  In the time I've been with RoH, not only have I seen members from other games step up to help out players in GW2, but I've also seen a community that bonds with interaction that goes much deeper than simply sharing the same game.  Because of this, I've made friendships with people that go much deeper with what I've often experienced in previous guilds.  


    I know that it's tough to find a good home when searching for a guild, but if you're looking for a guild that has both the close-knit feel of a small group while carrying the support and active forums of a large guild, I encourage you to give us a try!

  • ZekiirahZekiirah Member Posts: 9
    A job well done to our raiders of this past week! We've forged ahead and defeated Corrupter Zero in the Hard Mode Dread Fortress and defeated the nefarious Dread Master Calphayrus, preserving the past and protecting the future in the proces! We have also introduced a few of our newer members to some of the older content, such as the Terror From Beyond operation and Scum & Villainy, both in Story Mode and Hard Mode!
  • ScyaScya Member Posts: 1

    Congratulations to US! We recently just got a brand new spankin' website! Check out the swtor section here: http://remnantsofhope.com/swtor

    We have a caring, active and social community, peeps who are on a wide spectrum of playstyles, tons of tools like our calendar and forum, and great leaders. We're always looking for people from all over the world to come join us, if you take the time to apply... we'll take the time to give you everything our community has to offer!

  • TayteTayte Member Posts: 8

    Although I primarily play GW2, I am getting back into SWTOR. Despite being part of a community of three different games, I know the members of our SWTOR and FFXIV divisions well. Through teamspeak, and the forums our community really pulls together. This is a phenomenal group of people to be around, and my time spent playing games is so much richer because of them!

    If you are looking for a mature, community-based group of people, check us out! We'll gladly answer any questions too!

  • AravailAravail Member Posts: 8
    Had a great time in an impromptu HM EV today on our Imperial alts!  Also very much enjoyed all of the fantastic entries from last month's Art Contest and Halloween Costume Contests.  One of the things I love most about being in RoH is that whether you're in TeamSpeak, in-game, or just browsing the forums, there are always people online to talk to.  Whether you're a casual or a hardcore player (or anywhere in between), if you're looking for a fun, friendly guild, check us out!
  • cama0303cama0303 Member Posts: 1

    Looking forward to the operation tonight!



  • TayteTayte Member Posts: 8


    I see SWTOR raids all of the time on both Republic and Imperial! So if you are having a tough time running raids with pick-up groups, and are looking for a phenomenal community to be a part of, check us out!

    We are active on both Republic and Imperial sides, but we're all good! I promise!

  • XhaliXhali Member Posts: 20
    Hey there all, Xha'li here!  I'm a member of RoH, and an officer of another gaming division within the community.

    We have a truly fantastic group of people here in the TOR division, and are  part of an even more amazing community at large.  

    Even if it's not my focus as much anymore i still love to hop and TOR and engage in dialogue and activities, and i always miss the people over there when i'm gone!  

    Come join in on this amazing community and apply today!

  • ZekiirahZekiirah Member Posts: 9
    The musical icebreaker to break them all is upon us! In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, Remnants of Hope is hosting a Karaoke event tonight! Lots of music and fun to be had for everyone to get to know each other beyond our own games!
  • XhaliXhali Member Posts: 20
    It has been an AMAZING night.  Will have to link some of these amazing songs for you all to hear later.  Feel free to laugh, we certainly did!
  • ZekiirahZekiirah Member Posts: 9

    Congratulations to Telana, Aravail, and Zedwas!

    Telana has taken over the reins from Orig as our new High Elder! He was one of the founding members of this community, and has done a magnificent job of being the PvE Officer. He has continued to schedule our raids despite his change in leadership, thank you Telana and congratulations once more!

    Aravail was chosen as our new Elder Council member! He is the prolific and eloquent writer we all know and adore! His love for spreadsheets knows no bounds. Our previous (and first!) Crafting Officer, he did great things and is sure to do more in this new position of leadership!

    Zedwas was elected as our new Division Commander! He has dipped his feet into almost every department and has established himself as an easy-going and friendly kind of man. Formerly a Recruitment Assistant, he has many new ideas and hopes to put into action for our division!

  • TayteTayte Member Posts: 8

    Not only are there regular raids seemingly all of the time, there are lots of alt-a-holics leveling together.

    Not only is the in-game activity busy, the community has very active forums as well as events like pictionary, karaoke, and casual games too!

  • ZedwasZedwas Member Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, as our lovely recruitment Officer said, I am the new Division Commander for SWTOR in our guild. This guild hosts a whole variety of events like raids, warzones, leveling parties, and we are trying to establish RP as a part of our guild as well.


    Everyone is selected based on their maturity, not on their skill. We only accept the best and hope you will consider us as your home away from.

  • AravailAravail Member Posts: 8
    Last night we held our monthly community assembly meeting and we had so many people show up that we actually had to start booting the people in the afk channel in order to avoid hitting our TeamSpeak limit.  First time I've seen that happen!


    We'll be running HM Scum & Villainy tonight, imperial HM EC tomorrow afternoon, and then some low-level world bosses tomorrow night; shaping up to be a super-fun weekend!  I'm really excited to attend PvP nights this week as well, and the RP Department has been churning out tons of fun stuff too lately.  So much to do, so little time!
  • ZekiirahZekiirah Member Posts: 9

    Kephess the Undying.. is dead! Remnants of Hope has defeated 8-man Nightmare Kephess! According to the progression thread, we are only the second guild to defeat him! Well done, everyone!


  • AravailAravail Member Posts: 8
    Looking forward to the Community Assembly Meeting in two days!  So much fun stuff to discuss!  Our first progression team has DP/DF on farm-mode as we prepare for Nightmare Dread Fortress, while our second team is diligently making their way through HM TFB and S&V.  Meanwhile we have tons of storymodes scheduled for newer raiders on both pubside and impside, and might do the Dread Entity again this weekend for those who missed it the first time.  Lots of impromptu PvP and Flashpoint/Daily runs almost every night of the week, and a few of us have been enjoying the resurgence in Solo Ranked pops.  Republic and Imperial RP storylines are off to a great start, with both in-game RP nights and forum RPs.  So much going on; Spring Break can't get here soon enough!
  • TayteTayte Member Posts: 8
    Operations and pvp going on just about every day. Some early in the morning, and some late at night. Plenty of activities going on otherwise as well. Check out what a guild based on community is all about!
  • AravailAravail Member Posts: 8
    Congratulations to Nadalyne, our new Imperial Officer, and Niilah, our new RP Officer! Nadalyne previously served as Crafting Assistant in our Imperial Department, and has been a constant presence in PvE as well as the organizer of a number of recent fundraisers. Niilah has been one of our most prolific RPers for as long as I can remember, and has previously served the guild as PvP Officer.  I'm sure the both of them have great things in store!
  • neyla12neyla12 Member CommonPosts: 35
    edited August 2018
    I'm a GW2 player, but first and foremost, I'm a member of Remnants of Hope.  
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