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How are they doing this?

HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,495
So is this game in the hands of a small group of coders now? Did they buy the code? Are they taking donations? This game was dead in the water. It was full of bugs and almost unplayable at times. Whats the deal here. Not that i'm complaining but i downloaded it again and already made a bunch of new friends all seem to be older gamer's and a split between English and German mostly  German players as the chat at certain times is full of German. The game seems a whole lot smoother than it was. I remember playing this with a friend when it first came out. Its really great to see this world again. It really is an old school game. No hand holding here. This game is the f2p mmo that everyone wants. Zero cash shop but it has old graphics from 2001 or something. Still looks good to me. I just love exploring the city and outzones. Maybe i'll learn some German from playing it again.
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