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SWTOR walk through vid series

Hi everyone,

So, I was in beta for this game and as founder. I think it has grown and come a long way (if you don't like the game please don't bother to post here). I know this is probably way past due but with Galactic Starfighter coming I thought I would rekindle some spirit for SWTOR and the story telling aspects of the game.

To that end I have been doing a series of walk through videos featuring the imperial agent (for now) and have 6 - 30 minutes episodes done so far.

If you like the game or want to see how it plays feel free to check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS7rtZ7EwdU&list=PLSxVbnQ1EfABWaXjSrcqs4SLS7-zwW_97

I also think that non-MMO gamers will like these as the story telling aspects will appeal to them. I have a large group of friends that turn to me for advice on games in general but are not gamers, which is one of the reasons I chose SWTOR. It will appeal to them in theme, etc.


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