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Looking for the original Realm CD

Hey all. I'm hoping this isn't an fools errand. But I'd hate myself for not trying. I'm getting eveything I need for my nerd / man cave. I'm going to make a set place for all the games I loved the most. I'm going to be getting all the collectors editions and cd's, manuals, etc. The only game that's proving to be a challenge is The Realm Online original CD. It's not on ebay, amazon or any sites I have looked into. So I'm putting the feelers out trying to get my hands on an original cd. I would prefer the cd / case from Sierra Online. But the one from Codemasters would be fine too. 

So if anyone who reads this has one or both, I'd be willing to buy it off you. Thanks!


  • wesjrwesjr Member UncommonPosts: 447
    did it come on CD?  I am sure I downloaded it when Sierra owned it.
  • Accessdenied89Accessdenied89 Member Posts: 6
    Oh yeah. 100% came out on a cd as well. I had it and a friend of mine had it. Plus The Codemasters also did one too.
  • CouchqqCouchqq Member UncommonPosts: 2

    It was a downloaded game didn't come on a CD.



    The Realm OnlineDeveloper(s) Sierra On-Line (previous),Codemasters (previous),Norseman Games (current) Publisher(s) Sierra On-Line (previous) Designer(s) Stephen Nichols Platform(s) Windows Release date(s)
    • JP 1996
    • NA 1996
    • EU 1996
    Genre(s) MMORPG Mode(s) Multiplayer Distribution Download <table hproduct"="" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">
  • Accessdenied89Accessdenied89 Member Posts: 6
    I remember having the CD in my hands. I know it did come out on CD. When I my buddy first showed me the game in 1996, he handed me the case to it.
  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Member UncommonPosts: 585

    I remember having it on disc at first when it first came out, or at least early on - the disc was a light brownish/goldish look and it said the realm online and I think it had the etching of a couple of characters on it if I remember correctly? Not sure about the characters part.. but I do remember the disc. I definitely don't have that anymore, but good luck trying to find that one.

    I remember taking the disc to my friends house and we installed it, stole all the sound effects for some movie we were making lol. We never ended up finishing the movie though as his hard drive crashed and we lost everything. Doh!

  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Member UncommonPosts: 585

    Well, we aren't crazy... It did exist:



    But again, good luck finding the actual CD :)

  • Accessdenied89Accessdenied89 Member Posts: 6

    Jay. Even though I am a man. I WILL figure out how to have your babies!!


    Thanks for the link! I even looked on amazon and couldn't find it... bleh!  Thanks a ton though!  =D

  • AzureblazeAzureblaze Member UncommonPosts: 130

    Ahh, The Realm, good times. I remember having some fun with that game. Looks like it's still online, interesting.

    Good luck finding a case with a CD in it :) I believe that Amazon link is the case only, btw.


  • Accessdenied89Accessdenied89 Member Posts: 6
    Ordered the one complete with manual, cd and even a cd key. Lmao. What gets me, is I spent at least an hour on Amazon and Ebay looking for it and couldn't find it. Bleh, lol anyways, thanks so much, again!
  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Member UncommonPosts: 585

    Woot,  no problem! It was pretty tricky to find. I ended up finding it by Google searching this: Sierra "the realm" cd -Lords 

    And even then it was like the fourth link lol. That was such a great mmo. Awesome community too. 


    Good luck with the rest of your nerd cave items! 

  • AzureblazeAzureblaze Member UncommonPosts: 130
    Nice, I just realized the Amazon link for the game under "New" had unopened copies listed. Glad you got one! Jay is the man indeed.
  • FuryusFuryus Member UncommonPosts: 17
    That's funny the product listing even has reviews back to 2002. Listed as Codemasters.
  • Accessdenied89Accessdenied89 Member Posts: 6
    This is what I'll be getting. Damn, now I'll have to look for the others as well, lol!
  • officeapeofficeape Member UncommonPosts: 8
    I think I've still got the 2.x release CD's . . . somewhere. 
  • tmscaftmscaf Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by Accessdenied89
    This is what I'll be getting. Damn, now I'll have to look for the others as well, lol!

    Haha, that's my site. I'm glad to see that others still have interest in finding these old CD releases. Makes me wish that sometimes 2x was still up and working. I miss the old school boots of speed...etc. Good times, Great memories.

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