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Live Forum Q&A with Raph Koster, 10/16



  • RaphRaph MMO DesignerMember UncommonPosts: 159
    Originally posted by Vermillion_Raventhal

    How possible do you think what I kind of call quest threading is possible?  To explain in more detail questing that's based on random pool of quest triggered by random NPC encounters and based on decisions made.  For example you interact with a NPC and compatible for that NPC quest #2 out say 100 or so is an option.  Taking this quest and depending on your success/failure + choices your limited to another random quest  from another pool of compatible quest carrying the story.  Sorry for the jargon but random quest that kind of thread your own story vs. going to an NPC and getting the same question as everyone else.  


    Do you believe that the MMORPG genre will grow beyond the path laid by World of Warcraft?  I know MMO's in general have grown a lot but it seems that we're been stuck in 2004 when it comes to actual MMORPG's.


    I actually implemented a quest system like that in UO. The data set SUCKED, but basically:

    1st NPC wanted something. They would tell you to either

    fetch it

    kill someone

    deliver something

    You get to the target, and if it was a deliver or a fetch, they would have a chance of also asking for a fetch or deliver or kill, and so on. And these would chain.

    The NPCs actually generated the stuff as you quested, so the quest was specific just to you (though other players could interfere and break it). So if they sent you to find a wizard to the north, I'd spawn the wizard just for you once you got there.

    The problem was, I stuffed it with what I had... which was boring shit like shoes, pieces of wood, a chair. :) So it was decidedly not epic. But it kinda worked. We yanked it when they just didn't feel fun.


    Yes, of course the genre will grow. But it might need to die back first.

  • Acebets70Acebets70 Member UncommonPosts: 268
    i.e. When 1st playing SWG you could tell how much work went into the game,  i`am excited about some new titles sure but i miss that "in awe" feeling....
  • RaphRaph MMO DesignerMember UncommonPosts: 159

    On that note, that seems like a good place to end this!

    Thanks so much for all the questions, debate, and interest. I had a lot of fun, I miss talking to players. :)

    If you are at all interested in what I am up to, I suggest you follow me on Twitter @raphkoster or follow my blog ( or the mirror on Tumblr (

    You're defintely talking me into looking at MMOs again... hooboy. We'll see. :)



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