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Please update me....

BennuBennu Member UncommonPosts: 46

I started playing Allods back in closed beta. I loved the PvP action especially in AT. Man, the epic fighting trying to get enough rep to get gear set. People calling in lvl 40's to help. My side calling in lvl 40's to help us. The all out war while still trying to get enough rep to get gear. I quit playing Allods for two reasons: the power attained from runes ruined PvP for me (my lvl 4 runes going up against r7 or r8 runes was so not fun); couldn't get past a quest at around level 47 (it was the one where you were fighting the dragon and a line of mobs would move towards the dragon feeding his power - I could never kill them fast enough). 

Did anything change in the game to make that quest easier? I was literally stuck and couldn't move forward in the game. Also, what is the population of the subscription server like? I would hate to pay a sub only to see 2 people running around the zones at my level.

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