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Messin up the games economy before game starts?

MMOredfalconMMOredfalcon Member UncommonPosts: 167

So I been lookin over this game. Seeing how they are selling house plots for hundreds, some even thousands of dollars. So what's this going to do to the general game economy? People will want to buy houses. Gold farmers will be the prime owners of most land plots. So housing in this game will be outrageously priced in world as well. For those gold sellers, the gold prices will be outrageously high too. Which effects the sales of crafted items, their prices will also reflect the high cost of housing and gold. 

So before the game begins....they have already set the table for gold sellers, land sellers to make themselves an obvious profit. Those who have dumped 4000 dollars into the game just to have their own castle or large much in game money would that be? What are the chances of the regular person have of even trying to buy even the smallest plots of land. Cause you know if someone bought the plot for 200US. They are certainly going to sell it for 250+ to make some money back in return.

So how will the game economy get a good start when everything will be overpriced right off the bat?


  • GungaDinGungaDin Member UncommonPosts: 514
    I don't think Gold Farmers will have a large role to play in this game.  Its not a full MMO. its selective multiplayer. 
  • Neo_ViperNeo_Viper Member Posts: 598
    Originally posted by GungaDin
    I don't think Gold Farmers will have a large role to play in this game.  Its not a full MMO. its selective multiplayer. 

    And you think gold farmers care?

    Imagine that, an online game with LIMITED available housing! All you have to do is rush, play non stop to get the gold first to buy all the plots. Something gold farmers are the best at. Then resell the plots to players for real money. Or alternatively, they can sell gold to the players so they can buy a house plot fast enough before they are all taken.

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  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130

    If this is a guarantee why are you complaining about it instead of putting your entire life savings into it? 


    I think that your assumption that this will automatically increase in value is a little pre-mature. If the game isn't good then it won't go anywhere. However, you are right, if the game does do well, this virtual real estate will be worth much more than what it was purchased for. Isn't that the whole mentality of capitalism though? 


    I suppose that those who take the risks will reap the rewards. It wouldn't be the first time that virtual real estate made a splash in the headlines. 


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  • AmarantharAmaranthar Member EpicPosts: 4,518

    Garriott new it too. He mentioned at the start of the Kickstarter that these plots would be prime locations for player owned shops. He had to know that gold farmers (in the form of shop owners) would be keenly interested, because that's exactly what happened in UO. It was strongly expanded in UO after he left when they opened a new land with player owned shops right inside a city and the gold sellers made a very strong presence there. But even though he was gone, he had to know what was going on in the market.

    And it was the first thing I thought of. If I did, he certainly did.

    That doesn't really mean squat to the masses though. Those masses of gamers who don't give a crap if a game is actually viable as a game or as a world, as long as they get their fix, or their money, or both, as the case may be. If he builds an otherwise good game, it'll be flooded with gold farmers and power gamers and these boards will be flooded with posts about how great the game is and everyone should try it. And woe be the post that says something negative about it, as it gets buried by supporters and RMT invested "gamers".

    Once upon a time....

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