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Scam cash cow game with new owners

The new company is simply a few developers and administrators  that worked for SONY and have split to form own company. They no longer have the adult supervision  and can not blame SONY for their own incompetence. Was it SONY or was it the current owners that drove this game almost to extinction.  You cannot post any constructive censorship on their forums. Its almost infantile sulking and  behavior as they delete any negative post. They have zero tolerance for  any reply that does not start with " You guys doing great job"  The game has quickly become cash cow . Almost as if they know they will fail but want to scam and suck as much money possible from players before they fail.  They will not even honor their own TA item store items sold. BUYER beware!!!!!.  Any reply to dishonest TA store is arrogant "suck it up we are the new owners and can change policy when ever it suits us". They had the audacity to say by the way " We changed that policy last week sorry we can't honor that purchase but you can make new  more expensive purchase this week to get same items that you already bought and we promise to honor the new purchase this time".  Portalus is fast getting a reputation of dishonesty, scamming, and total disregard for ethics. They seem like competent programmers but they have a child like concept of honest business ethics Their use of underhanded tactics to make money has started a mass exodus of the most loyal customers. I repeat buyer BEWARE. It is awesome game that has been around a long time, but their own people are  milking it for all its worth before they abandon it. Little things like the /support in game click to open a complaint  does not even work. When they disable that you can see the hand writing on the wall.
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