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Live Forum Q&A Devon Carver - Guild Wars 2 (WvW)



  • morroIanmorroIan Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Can an option be added to the reporting options to report other players for hacking?
  • Devon_CarverDevon_Carver Guild Wars 2 WvW CoordinatorMember Posts: 8

    Originally posted by Luvpie

    1. Are there any plans to remove the stats from bloodlust buff & change it to something like mf/wxp/exp/karma gain instead so that the server with higher population doesn't get stronger?  2. Are there any plans to change the league system on US servers to Diamond (T1 US) /Gold (Next 6) /Silver (Next 9) /Bronze(Next 6) because of the population/coverage difference between T1 US servers and T2 servers?  

    1) The goal of the bloodlust buff is to impact the gameplay in WvW, not to simply provide additional rewards to players that have it. That being said the intial version of the buff is overly strong and we will be addressing that next Tuesday. The best version of the buff is one that incentivizes small groups to get the buff so they can come back if they are behind in the matchup, rather than one that only provides rewards incidental to WvW.

    2) Part of the goal of seasons is to provide matchups that are more varied than could be accomplished in a 3 team league. That being said, we'll see how this first season progress before we make any commitments to how future seasons will work. Nothing is off the table and our goal is to provide the best experience to as many people as possible.

    Originally posted by rasli

    Hi Devon, Glad to have you here and I am glad as a community we are having this exchange.  I just have couple questions: 1.  One of the perceived problem with WvW is that losing servers with significantly less coverage than their opponents have no incentive to keep fighting.  The recent league announcement has made a lot of players worry that the problem will be magnified, especially in NA gold league where servers in Tier 2 are expecting to get dominated by servers in Tier 1 due to the large gap between the two tiers.  Is the dev team planning anything to encourage the loosing server to keep fighting in the new league system? 2. The new area in the center of the borderland map is very well designed, good job the dev team.  However, we do know that there is significant controversial around the bloodlust stat buff.  Can you share with us what is dev team doing to try to change it? 3.  On a related point, many players are worried about what they perceived as power creep in WvW, with the wvw rank guard ability lines and the recent addition of bloodlust stat buff, and many would prefer to have a more leveling playing field regarding to stat (as it is also easier for playing alts).  Can you share with us what is the Dev's team's view on this and how are you planning to address it?

    1) We agree completely with the issues relating to score and population. We have some ideas for how to address this, but nothing is ready to be discussed yet as we haven't moved beyond the idea phase. In my opinion its the single largest issue that still faces WvW and one that we intend to make major strides to address as soon as we can. The league itself doesn't do much to address it, beyond the achievements which should provide some incentive to play winning or losing. We are approaching this exact problem with the mindset that is behind your question though, and that is that even if you are losing we want there to be a reason for you to keep playing. That's a high level goal for us in WvW.

    2) We are going to reduce the power of the buff specifically the stats and long term we want to find ways to change the buff, or where it applies, or how it applies, to provide more benefit to losing sides than to winning ones. That's a long term goal.

    3) We want to make WvW more alt friendly, especially the rank system. However, WvW will never be balanced entirely as that is not feasible. We value the time players put into the game and we prefer to reward you with some abilities, items, etc. that reflect that. A skilled player can still take down a less skilled player with more ranks, and that is how we like it.

    Originally posted by TheLeftSide

    You made a post yourself regarding this on reddit, all but confirming it. Is it safe to say this is true?.  
    There will be more info about this released soon. 

    Originally posted by morroIan

    1. Why are arenanet so against WvW ranks being account bound? Character bound ranks do nothing but limit a players experience in WvW which will lead to burnout and players leaving sooner rather than later. Especially when combined with the ascended weapon system which only serves to limit our experimentation with builds.  

    1) We want their to be value to the time you spend playing the game and the way we do that is by rewarding you for that time. We think the WXP system needs to be more alt friendly, no doubt, but we also want you to be progressing your characters while you play the game. We think that the attachment you build with individual characters is important and that is part of the reasoning behind the current version of the system.

    Originally posted by Atherakhia

    There have been comments on the forum about how bloodlust is changing. What do you have instore for us and why are you unhappy with the way bloodlust turned out? In past discussions there was talk of possibly removing the waypoints in various BL's because they make the world feel smaller and the WvW experience too fast. Is this still an agenda item?

    1) Bloodlust will be getting a major reduction in the stat bonuses for the time being. We have some additional ideas for ways to improve the buff to incentivize its use as a comeback mechanic that we haven't finalized yet.

    2) We don't have any firm plans at the moment, but we do feel that the maps are made to feel smaller by the existence of the waypoints and when we have a plan for changing that we will talk more about it.


  • sostronksostronk Member Posts: 1

    Hi Devon, firstly I want to say WvW is awesome!  This game mode is amazing.  For real.


    Now for the bad bits haha.  I am of the opinion that the borderlands maps should have a reduced player cap size.  I think it would really address some of the key issues that are wrong with the game mode from a players perspective right now.  To name a few:

    1.  Lag can be a real issue at times and less players connected to a single map putting a server under less stress could mean less lag. 

    2. Competitive players are flocking to Tier 1 servers in order to be competitive, because in all honesty queues are not an issue and actually having a queue outside of reset day isn't common.  With players hitting queues during their primetime it would certainly make players reconsider stacking servers and hopefully make them consider spreading the population out.

    3.  During certain timezones the game becomes a little too zergy and no matter how well you play, the 80 man zerg is going to beat down your doors.  Given, say a 60 man however might be easier to deal with.


    So, my question is, have you considered reducing the map cap?  It seems like a solution to so many problems in WvW right now, but am I wrong to think that?

  • SiphaedSiphaed Member UncommonPosts: 1,051




    Q#1)  Over many times the topic of "limited AOE" has come up, with you and the rest of the A.Net staff citing the engine and "lag" as a reason that it cannot increase.  However, we have Arrow carts that have no limit to their AOE, why is that?  Why is it that AOE per player can be capped, but per arrow cart cannot?


    Q#2) On the subject of AoE, notable the Meteor Shower spell is 5 targets per meteor hit.  This spell could, depending on the number of meteors, hit far more than 5 people as an AoE?   AoE cap doesn't effect this why if the engine doesn't support the numbers hit?


    Q#3)  Because of the popularity of Eternal Battlegrounds, there's almost always a queue.  And because of that, even with the "separation" of the Jumping Puzzle, yet still requiring to go into EB to get to it, the thing is still next to impossible to get into within a reasonable amount of time.   Any solutions to those that want to just participate in this PvP jumping puzzle down the line?


    Q#4) Why has there not been any communicated fix or attempt to fix the #4 ability on Ballista Mastery, making it arch like other ballista shots?


    Q#5) Something anti-zerg ?  Anything? Please tell me there's something in the works that doesn't promote the "Follow commander"/"On Pin" partially braindead tactics that currently fills up WvW maps?

  • morroIanmorroIan Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Chris Whiteside recently made a post on the official forum about trying to be more collaborative with the community, how will this extend to WvW development given the community largely feels that their concerns have been ignored?
  • Devon_CarverDevon_Carver Guild Wars 2 WvW CoordinatorMember Posts: 8

    Originally posted by mCalvert
    Why cant we transfer for free to lower tier servers that aren't full? There are no medium servers on NA, thus theres no transferring.

    Our server transfer system takes into account the entire population of servers to determine pricing. When the initial price changes were made last week, we changed them in accordance with the populations at the time. As people move to the lower population servers, they naturally stop being as inexpensive.

    Originally posted by drwhom

    1) Why will there be no WvW development during the league? The stated reason was, I believe, to maintain a level playing field, but any balance changes or whatever would surely effect all sides equally. And WvW is not a balanced game mode anyway. Can we expect major changes at the conclusion of the season, to balance the 7 weeks of no change? At this point the leagues feel like a change no one asked for that only serves to lower the priority of WvW development. 2) Do you believe the addition of ranks and masteries has been a boon to the game? Personally, I feel it has been somewhat detrimental, not only because it discourages alts but because of the power creep. A superior ram with rank 3 can kill a paper gate in 1.8 minutes, which is somewhat ridiculous. This has made defending even less popular than it already was, as response times have to be nearly instantaneous. Do you agree many of the masteries need re-balancing? Very few of them have been changed at all since they were introduced. 3) Recently free transfers returned for low pop servers and were discounted to medium ones. Why are transfer costs dictated by total server pop and not WvW pop or rank? The guesting system means nobody should have to transfer for any reason but WvW. It seems silly that it costs the same to transfer to GoM as it does to SoR. Will we see more aggressive attempts in the future to address the population imbalances between servers? Thanks for answering our questions.

    1) We will continue to make bug fixes during the season, but we feel it is just better to leave the game to sit for awhile rather than chasing every little change. This allows us to work on larger scale issues as well.

    2) I do and the issues you discuss here are more about underlying problems with WvW that we'd like to address, than problems with the system in general. Primary among those is the fact that defending is not properly rewarded. Something we hope to address soon.

    3) Hopefully yes, but nothing is determined right now. When we have more to say, we will do so. We would like to be a bit more aggressive about this, but need to make technical changes to be able to do so.


  • SmigleesmitsSmigleesmits Member Posts: 1
    Do you think not having any friendly single-target support abilities is a reason why zerging seems to be a lot stronger than having small coordinated groups? Is it possible single-target abilities that be targeted on ally will be introduced? Some current abilities, like the guardian's Merciful Intervention, could have this applied as well.
  • Devon_CarverDevon_Carver Guild Wars 2 WvW CoordinatorMember Posts: 8
    Originally posted by morroIan
    Chris Whiteside recently made a post on the official forum about trying to be more collaborative with the community, how will this extend to WvW development given the community largely feels that their concerns have been ignored?

    We will be posting more in advance about what we are working on as well as why. It is important to remember the other things that Chris said, namely that just because we don't do all the things that people want us to do doesn't mean we are ignoring them. We have to work with the systems as we can and sometimes that means things will take longer than it might seem and sometimes it means we can't do them at all. We value the give and take with the community and we always look to what the community is saying and doing when we make our decisions. We will, at the end of the day, do what we think is best for WvW each and every time.


    Thanks everyone who came, I have to run. I hope you all continue to show the passion you have for WvW and keep fighting the good fight!



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