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why older games seem better...



  • pkpkpkpkpkpk Member UncommonPosts: 234
    You are just misguided, man. Things have gotten worse on many different fronts (political, entertainment, commercial) at different periods in history. Do you honestly not believe in objectivity? If children are enjoying it then it must 'cause you're old that you can't? Children can enjoy hammering a set of pegs into a wooden board if that is all they are brought up on. One day the world is going to be a really unpleasant place. Very little that has gotten worse in the past has gotten better in the 21st century. But much of it got bad well before the 21st century. If we take an old person to be somebody who knows nothing outside of his time and cannot correlate or analyze history, then I can see your point. But if someone is this simple-minded he can probably enjoy modern games if he really wants to. Certainly, it seems to me, a more intelligent person would not lack the confidence in his own judgment to sell himself short before an audience of children and simpletons. This is a result of a common life and a weak mind.
  • GrumpumGrumpum Member Posts: 8

    To the OP... wow. Just wow. Im 50 and have no problems playing more and more complex games. I started out with Wizardy and currently play DDO. The puzzles and player controlled  character development are one of(if not the most) complex there is. While you may be experiencing diminished capacity, the rest of us are not. Please dont speak for anyone but yourself.


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