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Kurisutaru Densetsu Looking for members !!!

Hi guys 

First you may wonder about the long name we have XD it means Crystal Legend in Japanese

imageWe are small FC just started and growing up.

We're a group of casual hardcore gamers in that several of us are ready for Hydra on the Relic quest and yet have completed up to Titan HM, in addition fairly comfortable with all the dungeons available at this point, however we aren't really rushing we just make progress little by little and help each other along the way. Ultimately we're looking for like minded individuals to progress forward, at a comfortable pace and just enjoy whatever it is we want to do. There is no right or wrong just come on in and have fun while making new friends and enjoy the game.

If this is what you are looking for we maybe the right FC for you ;)

- Friendly Funny Relax XD
- Easy going but Progressing 
- Respect each others 
- Moving together 
- tried of PUG and drama from it

Don't worry about your level and your gaming skills, If you willing to join us just let us know 
No one could play really good at first, every body takes sometime to learn.
We would help you get through this game together.

Please contact Severin Silvermoon/ Lucah Vye for invitation or more information for you to decide 

**If we aren't online please send mail in game or leave a message we will contact you back.**

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