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[NC] - [L777] Lucky Sevens - Recruiting

[L777] - 777th Lucky Sevens


L777 Lucky Sevens, NC and Pacific/California

Basic Info:
Time zone: Pacific
Faction: NC
Server Location: Connery - US West
Short description:
We are a fun group seeking those who are 13 years and older to join us. We pride ourselves in having fun. We work together to achieve a common goal in helping the New Conglomerates succeed. Our style of play depends on the situation. We may hold point, provide support, front line battles, or even move into enemy territory to prep for the attack. We play to win alerts. If there is an alert going on, we are going to support an area that is part of the alert. We have structured environment and are always open for input or suggestions in game and on the forums. Our overall goal is to grow this outfit into something awesome.

Member Target: 13+

About your outfit and its history:
The outfit was formed by 4 founders that work together in a IT department. We have played together since Battlefield 3 release. More people we knew become interested in PS2, thus the decision to create our outfit was made. L777 Lucky Sevens was created.

What does your outfit offer?
Right now we are a very small tight knit community trying to go. We are competitive but like to keep it fun and friendly. We like the idea where people have a place to hang out and make some new friends.

What sort of members you’re looking for?
We are open to all players from new to veteran and from the casual player to the hardcore player

Any outfit rules or requirements you may have.
We are part of the New Conglomerate (NC) faction that plays on the Connery server.

  • Have TeamSpeak3 (TS) installed along with a working microphone or headset. We use TS to communicate within our squad and squad leaders communicate with High Command. We also ask that you are able to communicate in the English language.
  • Be at least 13 years or older. We are an adult group and you should be mature enough to fit in with the outfit. When registering for an account please use your real age and do not round up. We would rather have a person join us at the proper age than falsify information and be banned from the outfit.
Have good sportsmanship:
Cheating, hacking, glitching, padding stats or exploiting the game in any way to gain an advantage will not be tolerated. We believe in fair game play and expect everyone to lead by example. If someone dishonors the game and enough evidence has been provide to support the claim, the offending outfit member will be reprimanded up to removal (banned) from the team.

Friendly Fire (FF):
It happens and we all understand that. Check your fire and be aware of your surroundings. An apology to your current squad member via teamspeak is sufficient. Otherwise a quick sorry in game chat or via chat macro is sufficient. It’s not a big deal. If you have difficulty flying or driving them perhaps transport may not be the best option for you and allow someone with more experience to take command.

Do not retaliate against another New Conglomerate (NC) force for team kills. You represent the 777th Lucky Sevens and your actions look bad on the rest of your outfit members. Stuff happens and if you are killed via FF, brush it off. If you find another 777th member is causing excessive FF please report it to your squad commander or to your Officers in the forum.

Keep any disagreements to a minimum. It effects the game play for the rest of us. If you have a genuine disagreement with another outfit member, please settle it maturely outside of the game or seek help from an Officer in the forum.

Following Direction:
When you are in a squad, follow your squad leader’s direction. They have specific orders from High Command which has the bird’s eye view of everything. If you want to go Rambo, we have a specific section for that, otherwise please do it outside the main squad. The 777th Lucky Seven prides themselves on teamwork and achieving an overall goal. Please respect your squad leader regardless of their experience. We would like to see everyone take command and lead towards a goal and encourage everyone to experience the leader role.

Treat all players with respect:
This is pretty self-explanatory. Regardless if they are part of the 777th, the NC or other factions, all Planetside 2 participants deserve to be treated with respect. When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Falsifying Information:
Do not falsify any information. We remain as an open, honest group of people and that is what we expect in return. For example, on your application you state you are 25 years old but in actual you are 15. That is a bad thing and we would remove and ban you from the outfit.

When you register for the 777th Lucky Sevens, your forum name must match your character name in-game that is being used with our outfit. Either you already have a character created, if not create one first then register with us. We ask but it is not required that names are kept pronounceable and/or recognizable.

After registration and activation of your account you will be redirected to the New Members Application. Please answer the questions as best as you can so we can get to know you a bit better. We try to review applications with a few hours. Since we currently are a small group, we will review applications within 24 hours. We plan to speed this process up as we continue to grow.
When you are approved you will gain access to our forums as well as information on join our TeamSpeak server.

What should a potential recruit do if they want to join?
Head to our website


  • Witchd0kt0rWitchd0kt0r Member Posts: 5

    Join us tonight for Friday Night Ops.

  • Witchd0kt0rWitchd0kt0r Member Posts: 5
    Join us tonight for Friday Night Ops and tomorrow for Saturday Madness.  Check out website for details.
  • Witchd0kt0rWitchd0kt0r Member Posts: 5
    Join us Friday for "Friday Night Ops".  L777 777th Lucky Sevens is a new outfit and starting to grow in number.  Check us out.
  • Witchd0kt0rWitchd0kt0r Member Posts: 5
    We have updated our recruitment requirements.  Please visit our site for full details.
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