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DAoC News: Grab bag 27th September 2013

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

Grab Bag questions and developer answers, September 27th, 2013.

Would it be possible to enable a toggle for the /nohelp to include buffs? I.E. /nohelp heal & /nohelp buff? I don't like the idea that some of the players think they are doing a favor by buffing in the field, yet effectively they are buff shearing their own realm mates.
Marty: It’s possible. =) But it might make more sense to fix the buffs that shear buffs.
Have you considered adding in some bonuses for the underdog realm?
Talal: The answer is: Yes- we’ve absolutely considered it and have had several discussions on the topic. As most players know, our free level timer was once a function of population, but this was removed when it was determined that the population swings between realms was too frequent to justify a week-long bonus. We have discussed the subject of different low population bonuses as well as ‘Realm Loyalty’ bonuses, but with the recent elimination of the realm timer – it would require a much higher level of planning and implementation.
We are a fan of Realm Loyalty, but are also very understanding of the player that wishes to experience all realms. It comes down to implementing a solution that would be best for the majority of players, and our discussions with the player base have proven that the preference for this topic is among the most varied in the game.
Just curious, if the "birthday" (date/time of creation) is stored for each character and if this information can be displayed by a slash command?
Talal:I don’t see why not =] We could look into what it would take to surface this information, and what the implications are for doing so. If it means we can have birthday parties for all my toons , I’m totally on board :D
Would it be possible to get a few more filters available for the Market Explorers? A few that would be nice are:
- Available on current server
- Usable by current character
- Bonus level
- Non-crafted
- Expanded Procs listing
Talal:We’ve talked about improving the Market Explorer to include much finer granularity on searches. This is absolutely on our list for upcoming changes. When the change is made, we will ask that as many players as possible test it out on Pendragon to make sure that everything is in good order.
Why are there no spellcrafting recipes for gems that give more than +1 to All Melee Skills and All Magic Skills? I'd like to see +2, +3, and +4, is this do-able?
Is it possible? Yes. Would it represent a healthy balance decision for the game? The answer is basically: No. Templating is an art and a science, and a big part of this is the compromise between player crafted items and the ROG, OTDs, and other high-end drops. We have to make sure that we stay within reasonable bounds with player crafted bonuses. Adding bonuses such as these with the very powerful drops out there could very easily present a problem.
Shrouded Isles was a great and fun expansion. I enjoy the area of the game a lot, as do a lot of others that I play with. We are wondering if you guys are considering upgrading loot to make it more useful? I mean, killing a mushroom for an hour for a ROG sm shield is kinda sad. Only upgrades I have seen were in Galadoria, but the rest of SI was ignored. Could you make it worth our while to go back?
Talal: SI is a wonderful and expansive series of zones, but as I've mentioned before – it’s a bit lacking when it comes to having a modern feel. For some players this area provides significant nostalgia, and for others the dated art and mobs make it unappealing.
It wouldn't be impossible to update a few areas, tweak some encounters and create a few new quest lines, but if you’re inquiring about a complete overhaul of the Shrouded Isles with new art, mobs, and items I must tell you that this is not on our list. DAoC is a game of significant size, yet most of the action/population is restricted to some key areas. It’s on these areas we try to focus our efforts.
That said, a response to this could be that SI (and indeed several other areas) are not populated *because* they’re dated and have no new features, and that is a perfectly good argument. It is, however, a catch - 22. My response to that particular argument is our intention not to disperse the player base too thinly around the game areas.
With the recent "retirement" of Mordred, are you planning something similar for Gaheris? playerbase on the Co-op server isn't that high at this point.
Talal: We have no current plans to retire Gaheris. We absolutely acknowledge that Gaheris has not received its due love and attention for quite some time and we can only apologize. We are currently in discussions about what we can do to revitalize our PvE server in a meaningful way.
Any plans to bring back WBW or Caledonia? I thoroughly enjoyed the Wayback Wednesday events hosted in the battlegrounds. I would love to see Caledonia come back even just one weekend a month, or any event to try and bring more people back to the game.
Talal: : I’m totally open to bringing back Caledonia on a somewhat regular cadence. I believe we’re overdue for a Battleground weekend. It won’t be DF this time, I promise. =]
As for Wayback Wednesday – Alas our time with Grakulen has come to a close, but we have been in discussions with a few other folks that are willing to host a streaming Q & A with the Devs. For now, however, the Post Count Grab Bag is here to resolve your curiosity about what’s next for DAoC.
I briefly played Warhammer and thought the concept of public quests was very forward thinking. The "Continuing the Fight" Pict quest and the Quest Hub Epic Encounter quests desperately need this kind of mechanism. Possible? Big coding job or little? Thanks.
John: The Hub Epic Encounters do behave similarly to Public Quests in Warhammer, albeit without the UI support and contribution/reward chest mechanics. If a player hasn't killed the hub boss and wanders into the area they will get credit for the kill and associated quest.. We'd certainly love to port over the UI support for Public Quests and leverage the reward and contribution mechanics in more content throughout the game. A general UI revamp will have to happen first for that part of the equation though and while we always are looking to add engaging new content, the NF revamp is at the top of our priority list for now.
This is a rather esoteric question about UI adapters - little snips of XML that tell the UI things like your heath, the target's name, etc & etc. Is it possible to build new adapters for things like "target of target" so that we could add them to our custom UIs? Resource intensive?
John: Some of the charm of DAoC is the lack of information our UI gives at times: no big red highlight around your selected target, target of target windows, and other things you see in a lot of new games. That's not to say we're against them, but when we do get around to giving our UI lots of love, we'll want to balance out new functionality without completely altering how the game is played.

Marty: It’s possible. The difficulty of each request would be based on what information you’re trying to display. Specifically, for target of target, the client doesn’t currently keep track of other player/mob targets. So we would have to add that before we could add the adapter.
I have had most GPU related issues there are, does the game support upcoming Graphic cards or is there any specific card/driver that you recommend? I have also heard that there are some ATI catalyst drivers causing issues when the player is in mouselook mode, is there anything that can be done?
Marty:I don’t know of any specific cards/drivers that are especially good or bad, but I do know that Camelot has run remarkably well on most cards that support DirectX 9.0c and up. Our low-end requirements are still any “Compatible (i.e. supports DirectX 9.0c & Pixel Shader version 1.1) 3D video card with 64MB video RAM! If your card meets these requirements and is having problems specifically with Camelot, please send detailed reports (including card and driver information) to us and your card vendor. If you’re having problems with more than just Camelot, you should contact your vendor and have them help you troubleshoot your card.

Thanks to Talal, John and Marty for giving their time and answering our questions!

If you have a question for the Mythic devs, please send your questions in using our submission form:


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