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Ems is Meeting its End (Nexon Maple europe) Not Official Discussion

maple2maple2 Member UncommonPosts: 161

so in 2012 Summer around July-August Ems had a huge breach on their servers and alot of people had their things stolen.


now the thing is we just got to know that the Compensation we were promised is Taken down meaning we who lost stuff worth billions of mesos is lost forever 


about 80% of the people that played at the given time lost something and not received anything in return by nexon


this is also a warning to People Do not Play Maplestory Europe it is not Official worst company but unOfficialworst ever.


this is infact the thread about the Compensate




This is the thread they made when they saw people were losing their items




that thread was made in 2012  14-08-2012, 10:29


Worst part is that Nexon Eu team does not fix any bugs the game has and also release unfinished patches.


This is not only me who think this way..


about the entier community ems once had think the same way


is this truely and finally the end to Nexon ?


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