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Xbox Fitness

MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,134

Fitness games have tended to be a big deal on Kinect for Xbox 360, so it comes as no surprise that Microsoft has officially revealed its Xbox Fitness app, a subscription-based service for the Xbox One that lets you interact with popular fitness videos through the next-gen console's Kinect sensor.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, Xbox Fitness will offer personalized program recommendations varying between 10 and 60 minutes in length, and its library of interactive videos comes courtesy of popular screamy trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson. The app can "read your heart rate without a monitor, see which muscles are most engaged by measuring the power, force and transfer of weight in your body, and track the quality of your performance by measuring your balance, tempo and form," all via Kinect. Xbox Live will be the playground where you compare scores and challenge your friends to beat your performances.

Xbox Fitness will launch "this holiday," and will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers from the launch of Xbox One through to November 2014. From January 2015 onwards, unlimited access requires a paid Xbox Fitness Pass subscription on top of a Gold membership.



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