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ipad gaming

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

an offshoot of a related discussion



boardgames on the ios



ios games released in 2013


Warhammer Quest  (this will come to android but no timeline has been given)


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Deus Ex: The Fall  (expected on android in September?)


Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy  (boardgame adaptation)


StoneAge  (boardgame adaptation)



Our 36 most anticipated iOS and Android games for the rest of 2013


ipad gaming news at boardgamegeek


ipad news at pocket



and the real reason i made a new forum topic....

the adaptation of the board game, Pandemic, will be launching next week


the long-awaited iOS version of Pandemic is finally coming to iPad on October 3rd. The game is based on the new version of the game, released this year, which means that you'll get the 2 new roles for a total of 7 roles to choose from.

The game will feature pass-and-play for 2-4 players as well as solo play.

No online play, but for a cooperative game that's not a deal-breaker.

The ability to change difficulty from beginner to expert is there as well as a video tutorial and animated interface. This release will not have either the Pandemic: On the Brink, nor the Pandemic: In the Lab expansion included, and there's currently no word on if/when they might be. We'll have a release post when it hits the App Store, and I would expect Brad to review this one pretty quickly as well.




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