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Is There Any World PVP At All In This Game?

The only MMO's I have played are Guild Wars, Perfect World Online and World of Warcrap, I got sick and tired of the boring generic tab targeting MMORPG gameplay. I would be okay playing this type of gameplay with Everquest since it was World of Warcrap who originally copied Everquests gameplay style and then thousands of MMO's copied world of warcraft, all having the same boring point and click tabb target gameplay.


Still, I am interested in this game because it has so many races and the world seems huge, still WoW has more zones than this game but this game has bigger Zones. What about World PVP though? To my knowledge, the only world pvp server is Nagafen, I enjoy World pvp more than PVE.   Nagafen seems to have a low population most of the time but I saw it was on Medium but for only 2 hours today. Is there any other PVP server? I probably won't try this MMO out if it doesn't have active World PVP on any servers.


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