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Global Offense vs AVA ?

I am kinda interested in playing FPS game again and I've seen those 2 games recently and liked both of them.

Anyone has played both games and can tell me which one was better?

I have tried AVA already and it was ok but for Global Offense I had to pay $15 to download the client so im holding.

If the game is worth more than 15 bucks, I will play.

Any suggestion?


  • whitesky0714whitesky0714 Member Posts: 10

    Global offense is just upgrade version of Counter-Strike.

    The graphics are better but the game mechanism is just same as before.

    And unlike other FPS games, there are no premium weapons, you will have to buy weapon every round.'


    AVA online is little different.

    You can customize your own gun by buying different parts from the premium shop.

    And also there are many powerful premium weaopns that you have to pay money to get it.


    It's your choice but I recommend Golbal offense than AVA because im a huge fan of Counter-Strike..

  • EdinZeko84EdinZeko84 Member Posts: 8

    If you didn't play Counter-Stike before or didn't like it, you shouldn't play Global Offense because it is just  the same game with

    better graphic.

    Ava online is just much better because there are weapon customizing and more populated.

    You might need to spend some money for cool weapons and items, but if you are looking for some fun, you should also expect

    some cost for your joy.

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