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My vision of the Ultimate Sandbox

IkisisIkisis Member UncommonPosts: 443

First the game would start of like any other, Character creation you would select your region first and in my vision i see a full world map like Earth, The part of the world you choose and its habitat would effect how you look (of course customization but skin color and such would be a factor of evolution and elements of your region of the world) (This would also have to be seamless world)

Next you would start out with your fellow brothers in the region you all have chosen. Now for the fun part! You are all naked (Adam and Eve status) No npc's Nothings just you your nation and the wilderness.  You much "research" objects to gain personal knowledge Example: You target a fallen branch *Study* You now see you can use it for (Weapons, Building, Tools ect) Now you choose the path of knowledge you want to take do you want to weaponize or civilize?  Now you start to build walls and research more. (Fast forward) You have build a small village with your fellow region Now npc's start spawning as you begin to build a civilization. Researching brings Boats, Weapons and at some point even planes sky scrapers and guns ect

(All based off of how your region plays together, Working together = faster pace into a modern world, PvP gank fest each other you are dumbing down your nation and will be more subjected to a nation wide take over to another region who has progressed farther)

So lets say Region 1 all work together, Shun and abandon those who are lazy and do not help or just gank fest. Region 2 has resources Region 1 wants to make advanced metals and stone. Well Region 2 has spent all its time building weapons and killing each other there are only small tribes who have villages. While region 1 has muskets and small city's. So now Region 2 has lost there nation perhaps even completely killed off (Yes a nation taken over to the point of extinction = perma death)

So not to make a full wall of text i want to see a game based off Team work and survival of the fittest but not just in a pvp way but a world building well starting from scratch. It takes out guilds and makes Country's to strive to be the number one Nation.


But just a idea ive had to some time now so i thought id put it out there see what others think (of course i could go into much greater detail but Wall of text = no one reads it) 

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