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is there PVP?

A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276

hi guys,

im only like lvl 6 at the moment,

no sighn of pvp yet, is there any pvp in this game? if so? instance pvp? open world pvp? guild wars? ect?

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  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons Member UncommonPosts: 349

    next patch 2.1 will hold the first PvP content, this was tested in the Beta.

  • apocolusterapocoluster Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    Tons of PvP in the various forums. But none in game yet  ;)

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  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,377

    There will be arena's to fight in 


    and addition to the game called FRONTLINE

    3 faction  24/7 persistent faction conflict with sieging territory capture etc.

    supposed to come shortly after launch.

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