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What kinds of PVP does/will this game have??

mrmikepanmrmikepan Member Posts: 1

I was wondering the general pvp aim that the developers are going for, Instanced? World? Battlegound? Open loot system?


I enjoyed the player bounty systems that some games have in order to hunt down grievers or crimelords (players) for money.

I like open games with world PvP where you can venture out on your own and find good fights 1v1, 2v2.  Western-style danger where anything goes and do-at-your-own-risk free world.

Anything like this in FF or planned to be released soon-ish??


  • gordiflugordiflu Member UncommonPosts: 757

    PvP was so bad that the devs have cancelled it momentarily, after admiting that less than 3% of the population was playing it. There were never enough players for one single match except at peak hours.

    Balance was horrendous, and R5 never managed to get it right. One class would be OP on one patch, and totally useless on next one. They ended up resorting to getting rid of any customization in PvP, but they did not get balance right even then.

    There were no tactics. Just a continuous zerg.

    With instanced PvP temporarily cancelled, the old promise of open world PvP is now pretty much a non reachable utopia.

    If you are a PvP addict, the game is not your game atm. Things may change in the future, but, as it is now, Firefall is basically a PvE game, 100%. (Or let's say 99.99%)

  • Geist333Geist333 Member Posts: 7

    Here is a link to the official forums in regard to the state of PVP in Firefall:

    So who knows what direction they're going to end up taking things with the PVP content. They were dabbling with OWPVP in a small area outside one of the game world's hubs (Sunken Harbor), but that will probably also be shut off when they take down the instanced PVP matches.

    I am certain that there will be no full loot OWPVP, since your gear does not even suffer durability loss when you die in the current OWPVP area. And in the PVP instances players use stock PVP gear rather than their own character's gear. I could see them instituting OWPVP within specific zones, or areas within zones, but I doubt it would be a jump-in-point for the main starter zone. The learning curve seems to be a bit high as it is for a lot of the newer people playing, at least from the questions I see asked repeatedly, and throwing in an OWPVP system on top wouldn't help matters.

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