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Looking for a semi-serious PvP guild

haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12

Hello, I'm looking ot join a guild that is going to small but somewhat serious about working their way up the ladder in PvP and impacting it. Not a super hardcore gamer guild but not a laid back guild. I woudl like if they had vent or TS or some kind of voice chat server. I'm looking for a guild that will be making good efforts on strategy and taking PvP somewhat serious. I am currenlty a Necro/Mes with my new character.

Thank you


  • Invincible37Invincible37 Member Posts: 172

    my whole guild is filled with ppl with your interests.we plan on working our way up to the top ten,but not untill we know we are prepaired and ready and not just going crazy about it.

    this is our website.feel free to check it out and if u come to decide you want to join,make sure u have a guildportal account(its free)and just hit the like that says "join the crusaders".or ingame contact marcellus auspex or venatrix silvanus


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