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Sony leaves Everquest players naked!

xeraxxerax Member UncommonPosts: 74

We are all looking forward to EQ next but SOE customer service may just be a deal break after all.

With all the hype about EQ next and my fond memories of early mmorpg playing i returned to EQ1 recently and there is a new expansion coming Call of the Forsaken. For the last three weeks they gave players who pre-ordered it access to the previous expansions and the ability to level up from 90 to 100.

Many many players leveled from 90 to 100 or close too, sold all there old level 90 equipment (often earned in raids or long tough quests)  and replaced with new lvl 95 or 100 equipment. Then without any kind of announcement SoE removes access to the last two expansions and de- levels all thouse characters back to 90. Worst of all - it often left them naked and unable to use any of the equipment they now are wearing and thus the character is unplayable!

This will be fixed supposedly when the new expansion is released in a month or two but meanwhile the gold subcription people have paid $ for is ticking down.

Obviously not a company that values its customers gaming expierence and their reputation. Something to remember when it comes to considering if to buy EQ next or not.




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