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Quad Pack available.

If you should enjoy LOTRO and are waiting for a bargain to upgrade yer game, the wait is over.

From Mines of Moria all the way to Riders of Rohan which is present end game. Total cost $39.99


  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    Not unexpected, at the 50% Rohan sale they said that after the sale Rohan packs will leave the webstore. Helm's Deep is almost here, they announced the triple pack the same time before Rohan last year :)

    And for 40 bucks it's a decent deal. The triple pack was 30 if I remember right, so they added Rohan for $10, when the cheapest Rohan pack was $30 a few months ago.

    I wonder, if the horse session play will remain exclusive, or they'll put it in the store later? I hope not, that was the only reason I've bought Legendary :)


    (Edit: cool, 1000th post :) the first one in the beginning was in the LotRO forum as well...)

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    Wish i knew that  answer :) One thing for sure, they are not afraid to try new ideas. Just hoping they get a good amount of the changes coming in Helms Deep on target for good gameplay.

    Dev diary for Burglars is out and general feedback is positive.

  • ProfGetzProfGetz Member UncommonPosts: 182
    Nice! Been poking my head in from time to time, I think it's time to come back!

    Every MMORPG is AWESOME, until it's released!
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