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Give me back my account

airlandoairlando Member Posts: 1

[Game Play/Character]

GM Why you banned this account ? is there a problem with this account 
GM please, explain to me, no matter whether on my account, if I made ??a mistake which is prohibited by the game? 
please explain it all to me 
I am waiting for information from you GM 
thanks for the previous 

GIM please your check more 

nick KimCiL

id : ismet182

email :ismet_2@yahoo.com

please check ty


The results of Selling low red essence and sell weapons gunner dex + 11 
I bought low and white and 300 p card 

if indeed I am wrong, 
please forgive me GM 
and I will not repeat again 
GM help my char feedback again, I want to play it again thank's

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