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Goodbye 1017, Hello 3102



  • daltaniousdaltanious Member UncommonPosts: 2,381
    Originally posted by Wicoa

    They seem to have fixed it?




    Anyone else having issues now.?

    I had 3102 as I remember, client crashed and i was unable to login with any alt for at least one hour. Client was telling me that I should wait for logout and similar nonsense. Solved by creating dummy alt on another server. After was again able to login with my alts.

    Now is better in sense I can get on Cerbersu without problem, in worst case scenario half minute of wait time. But even before 30 days will be 1 player less. I simply can not enjoy FF anymore. And to think that had 1.0, was no need to buy ARR but i still have purchased because I wanted to play on day 1. Ah....

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