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Valkyne guild (RE-structured)

Valkyne has been around awhile, but the last gm decided to clear the bank of the gold, and dropped it in the lap of someone who had no clue what to do. As that player and I got to talking, he decided I would be better at running the guild.

Here I am!


Booted out all of the inactive members (some hadn't logged on in 6 or 7 months!) and we are looking for ACTIVE members.

You don't have to be on all day every day, but a few times a week would be wonderful!

I'd like it if you were friendly, had no megalomaniacal ego (found and kicked one of those already) and on ocassion would like to run a dungeon with others in the guild.

If you join, you get the Alliance boosts, as we are in the Enlightened Alliance.

If you ever need help with something, the others that are currently there have no problem dropping whatever, and running off to help, (Not like we can't go back to where we were, right?)  and as you level up, it would be awesome if you would do the same for junior members

Come join the new(ish) guild which is now "under new ownership" and help us build something fun. Enjoy the gear and other things in the guild bank to help you level up and whomp a few BAMs on your own. (maybe)


English speaking only.

Level 30 or higher.

Have fun!


Yep. Those are the only die-hard requirements. 


Guild Valkyne, ascension Valley Server. PVE mainly, but PVP for the raids. You don't HAVE to PVP if you don't want to (But the drops and XP are worth it) ALL classes are welcome!!!

You can PM Me (GM) Trystikan, Jadzian (my alt) Atrando (my commander/number one/first officer/whatever) or his alt Atxrando. Be sure to mention you read the invite on the Tera Forums so we know, ok?


And if you choose NOT to choose us, whoever you choose, have fun in the game, and enjoy. Remember.. It's a game.. It's not real life. image

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