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Releasing an incomplete game, Firefall.

mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373
Well, I loaded this game up and from the start, was having a blast.  It truly is fun.  Then...I ran out of thing to a week.  They say more is on the way but by the time this happens, people will already be gone.  I wish company's would realize this.


  • TekaelonTekaelon Member UncommonPosts: 604

    A week? I have been playing for a month and have just now unlocked my first advanced frame. Although I have created the arc folders but have not visited the melding pockets.

    I do agree they need more content. I have done more accord recovery missions than I can count, but it seems to never get old.  :)

    Hang in there to 'S'' day, when the Accord starts pushing back the melding.


    Good luck

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