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Tanking and que skipping

etlaretlar Member UncommonPosts: 692

I was in the middle of tanking a dungeon, then got kicked, and cant log back in, tried now for 20mins. its my name on the line.

there really should be a way for people in dungeons to skip queue or something, now i can teven login, and gave up, and its not like wow where i could be indifferent cause of cross server, im trying to make my name, this is really annpying, love the game though!, but need to rant and get this shit of my shoulders, its just lame and unproffessional!


  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Member RarePosts: 1,946


    So long as you weren't rude while in the group, I'm sure everyone will understand that disconnects happen and that even if your internet was still up, the servers are a mess.

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