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New MMORTS Kickstarter: Kingdom of Knights.

Reiken_BirgeReiken_Birge Member UncommonPosts: 59
So I was browsing Kickstarter for any interesting game projects, looking for anything that looked worth while when I stumbled upon this:

It's a free to play MMORTS which instantly got my attention and backing because.. Well, when was the last time you saw an MMORTS? Shattered

Galaxy is the only one that comes to mind and that was forever ago and has long since stopped getting updates.

Anyway, it's a Castle Building, fantasy setting MMORTS where you try to become the ruler of all the lands and dynamic, real economics. That sounds pretty good to me on its own.

But then I read that if they hit 500k funding they'll be able to introduce heroes into the game that players will be able to control

themselves and take to battle and the like, which is about as rare of a thing in games as an MMORTS as far as I've seen.

Just spreading the word since it's going to take more than my funding to get the game out there, especially since most of my money was just dumped into Tuition, and I really want to play it. :3

Kingdom of Knights - Community Manager

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