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Funniest thing ever!

beaubowbeaubow Member Posts: 1

This "game" made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Not the good way like a good comedy movie or a funny joke, it can only be described as tragic funny.

Let me set up the scene. You pick your class, your gender, your name, and you are immediately in a field or something somewhere, and your character is auto-pathing to the first quest. You talk to that person, complete that quest, and your character auto-paths to the next quest. This happens 1 or 2 more times until you click on a monster to start "combat".

You literally watch, without touching or clicking anything, your character and the mob attack back and forth until the mob dies. Then, you click on the quest and head back to the quest giver, and auto-path again and again until the next time "combat" happens.

That's it. I literally got to level 34 doing nothing but that. Laughing the entire time and wondering how on earth this ended up on I thought I was going to die from laughing when all of a sudden, when my character clicked a rock, the game told me that I "Learned Kung-fu." What?

Please, do yourself a favor and play this game, for at least 30 minutes. You deserve it to yourself to laugh, really hard, at something so god-awful.



  • IGaveUpIGaveUp Member Posts: 273

    Pardon the necro, but on game forums like these there are few posts, so it's sort of hard to avoid.


    I had the identical experience as the OP, except without the laughing.  Typically storyline themeparks tend to be quite linear, but this takes the cake for "on rails".  If you follow the prompting, gameplay is almost completely automatic.  If they'd automate the clicks, this game could play itself.  No kidding.


    I'm not into good/bad judgements, I try to see things as just being different from each other.  There must be a market for games like this.  There are several servers.  I picked one at random and it's quite active, enough so that I had to turn off world chat to get away from the noise.  There seems to be plenty of people playing.


    Maybe it changes at high levels, but from what I've seen (currently level 34) if one has a pulse, can read well enough to figure out the UI, and can click a mouse, progression is easily achievable.  No MMORPG experience required, and you won't need to search the web for quest information.  Everything is provided.


    There are a few glitches that I've seen.  Things like a quest turn-in yields the response from the wrong quest, but nothing that affects gameplay unless you're actually concerned as to why the farmer didn't send watermelons to the dock.


    I agree with the OP, if for no reason other than curiosity, it's worth a look.  The game takes casual-friendly to a whole new level.


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