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Piratopia - EU/INT

KeksXKeksX Member Posts: 47





Territory Control | Piracy | Open PvP

Currently Playing: ArcheAge CBT (5th Server)




Play with us in ArcheAge RU!

For more information, leave a post in the thread or contact one of the current leadership/core:

KeksX (German, English): PM KeksX or Skype: keksx_92
Kiirito(Italian, English): PM Kiirito or Skype: Kiirito
Ulas(Turkish, English): PM ulasyeah or Skype: ulaskaradas
Shrapn3ls(French, English): PM Shrapn3ls or Skype: Shrapnels74


  • KeksXKeksX Member Posts: 47



    we've grown in numbers, started playing in Russia and have our beta website ready!


    Feel free to apply or message us directly =)

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