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Theme 5 is out, OMG, these screen shots!


  • ShauneepeakShauneepeak Member UncommonPosts: 424

    The game is still looking very nice. Though it seems character hair could use a bit of work.


    Just to make it easier for people.

  • OberholzerOberholzer Member Posts: 498
    Some nice looking shots.
  • RocknissRockniss Member Posts: 1,034
    Nice, but those camera angles make me think "so what"
  • keithiankeithian Member UncommonPosts: 3,180
    I really like the art style, detail and the colors they are going for so far. Feels more vibrant than ESO which is my #1 game I'm looking forward to so far. I'm dying to see more info on this game.

    There Is Always Hope!

  • SawlstoneSawlstone Member Posts: 301
    Wow those are some amazing shots. Thank god Gaming systems will be even cheaper when this game launches.
  • MrBum21MrBum21 Member UncommonPosts: 405

    I must say that is a nice looking fan site.


    the screen shots are good too, I am just being cautiously optimistic at this time.

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