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Why aren't more people talking about this game?



  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926

    because it´s Korean? Does it even have a chance for a western publisher at this point? It looks very interesting though.


    I always wonder why not more people talk about World of Darkness by CCP, but what to talk about if there are not many infos out

  • ClassicstarClassicstar Member UncommonPosts: 2,697

    So in other words you don't know much yourself about the game, you saw some video's and now your asking us why not many talk about it or interested in the game lol.

    Video i saw had legolas, gandalf and walking trees seems a LotR clone to me hehe.

    And korea spew out almost everyday a new mmo which to me all look the same.

    When lineage 2 was launched it was all rather new and not many mmo's around but korea these days have hundreds of mmo's on market its hard to keep track of them all.

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  • sorattasoratta Member Posts: 39
    Originally posted by free2play

    I'm glad nobody is talking about it. It isn't creating any stigma about a game that is still in development.

    At this point, we'd end up hyping something that isn't entirely sure to come out, if at all, in English. Not gonna waddle through Korean jargon to play it, pretty or not.

  • gurugeorgegurugeorge Member UncommonPosts: 481

    I've only recently clocked this, and in terms of promised sandboxiness it does look good, and may be great if it lives up to its promises.  So far, from the beta vids, while the graphics look fantastic, as hyped, the combat looks so-so (actually it reminds me of the so-so-ness of TSW's combat vids, which never really changed all that much at release), although the Sorcerer looks quite cool.

    However, I have a feeling they're going to release this in the West fairly quickly.  Why do I say that? Because the art design, the general aesthetic, is so obviously aimed at a Western sensibility. 

    One of the big reasons the Asian MMOs have never done that great in the West has to be because of the aesthetics.  Apart from the minority who like manga, most Western players just don't groove with the pretty boys, the giant swords, the loli tendencies, and the mish-mash of historical European fashion styles. 

    This game looks far more restrained and more tightly focussed in aesthetic terms (it looks much more consistently mediaeval and "gritty"), and I don't think that's an accident.  It's stil got an Asian feel, but it's at a level where I think I could see myself playing it without cringing.  Just like I can tolerate the bits of Asian aesthetic in GW2 (which are themselves so obviously aimed in the other direction). 

    If I were to tip the developers, I'd say make the combat aesthetic more restrained, as restrained as the fashion and design aesthetic already are.  Give the animations more weight and "realism", especially in transitions, and ease up on the "weightless" ultra-fast transitions from one position to another - that's so characteristic of a certain old school arcade/console influence, and exists throughout Asian MMOs in general.  Make the combat a bit slower, but more "weighty" feeling, a bit like NWO, which I think has the balance between speed and rooting/fx just right atm.

    IOW, if you're doing the same thing a hundred times a day, it has to be satisfying aesthetically and viscerally, and they don't seem to be quite there yet with the combat from what I've seen.

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