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Dark Relic: In development

SarreneSarrene Member UncommonPosts: 38

Hello and good afternoon, I would like to share with everyone here a game we are working on called Dark Relic: Prelude.

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First let me start with the fact that I am not a PR person. I am a designer and developer, though I wanted to let everyone here know about the game that we are working on. The staff at TGS have been working hard from concept to development and have been working hard! We have just started the next phase which includes world building, and in the next month, character rigging and animation.

Dark Relic: Prelude
What is Dark Relic?

Dark Relic: Prelude is an MMORPG, and will be more a Sandpark than anything else. A weird term eh? Unlike other MMORPG's out there, Dark Relic has been a focus for many play styles. We at TGS believe that we can create a game for most play styles in this world where you have a plethora of games to choose from. With a focus on core systems and features first, and graphics is a close second, we hope that the continuing development over the next two years will be something of interest to most everyone here.

Dark Relic takes place in a new and unique world called Neithus, where the lore is very loosely based off our own ancient cultures of the world, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each culture.

The nemesis in Neithus is an Empyrial being known as Baltison, whom appears as an elderly human wanting to help each of the five countries Regents in obtaining the power of the five Relics.  This guise works on most people and none of the Regents are aware of his presence and influence in the opposing nations. There are those,  a secret society, that has not taken sides and are preparing for the evil that will fill the world as war breaks loose.

Each of the five Regents, with Baltison whispering in their ear, are at war with each other, fighting over power and control of land and resources. Their main goal is to obtain enough of the Heartstone shards to recreate the other four Relics so they can hold the power of each one for themselves.

You, the player, chose what path you want to take, and how you will affect the world. You can stay neutral, stay loyal to your birthplace or abandon your homeland for another Regent.  The path you take is your own, how you play is up to you.

Game Features
Player Character Features:
        Character appearance customizations
        Unique character starter options
        Ten races to chose from (more during Content update)
        Class and Profession system with a skill base premises.
        Highly customizable player UI

World Features:
        Story driven world
        Seamless world/No Boundaries
        Five developed continents
        Unique Civics system
        Integrated PvE and PvP system

Game Features:
        Customizable Player Housing
        Faction System and Alignment System
        Five Regent Alignment system
        Unique Class and Profession System
        Unique Multi-tiered crafting system

How we got started and why make Dark Relic?
Dark Relic was originally a D&D module and slowly expanded into a full AD&D (2nd edition) campaign written by Sarah Miller.  The idea started in 2008 during that years E3. We were a bunch of people hanging out and just discussing video games and how the medium had evolved over the last few years. We talked about how we wanted video games to kinda go a step back to how it once was, where passion was abundant for both creating and playing games. After a lot of talking back and forth we decided that we would make our own game. We formed our own company in 2010, and our idea gradually became reality:  Dark Relic.

We now have a small but very talented team of designers, developers, programmers, artists and writers. Our passion for the world is reflected in our attention to detail, both through design and story. All these different styles has helped us define our unique gameplay experience. An experience where the player can chose how they want to play, chose who they want to be, and not being a puppet to the game.

Pre alpha Screenshots
Here are a few Pre Alpha screenshots from one continent.. You may see one or two that are not on our site yet! an exclusive for the MMORPG community:

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