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Gamepad errors

MimzelMimzel Member UncommonPosts: 375

Hi. First time in beta here. I have a bunch of controllers that I use for flightsim. They were connected to my pc when I first launched FFXIV. The game asked me if i I wanted it to automatically adjust my gamepad settings, and I selected "no". Now I cant control anything in game except with numpad 8 and 6. The mouse wont actually control anything in the menu, and I cant really start the game after entering the char creation. I am trying to reset the game pad stuff back to factory defaults, but it aint happening.  I have tried unplugging all the controllers (yoke, throttles and pedals) along with swapping gamepads out (a 360 controller and a logitech gamepad controller). Doesnt help.

What can I do?

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