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Big foot DOES exist - Just not how you might think

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321

It is actually rather obvious.


There is a disease that makes people grow an immense amount of hair (forgot what the actual disease is called)...however, it does make one look like how big foot looks.


So, if I had that disease (which luckily I don't)...I would definitely not want to be a part of society. I'd be teased, abused (probably physically) and made fun of. I would instead, go out into the woods and some far out rural place...and live my life as a hermit.


There is no cure to the disease, and no amount of waxing or shaving gets rid of the just keeps coming back.

This explains the multiple big foot sightings around the world.


So its pretty obvious, that big foots are just a very small percentage of people that have this hair disease and probably mentally just can't be a part of society.



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