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Gamer Rap Battles: Everquest Next VS Elder Scrolls Online! (Parody!)

ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

(This is just a parody!)


"The Elder Scrolls had better stayed single player!

Your wiggling sword shakin' is no Dragon Slayer!

You WOW clone themepark puts us all to sleep!

And your boring previews made the fanbois weep!

Your fugly graphics are so going down,

Your only two colors are GREY and BROWN!"



"Hey Everquest Next, you lookin' like WOW,

With Sony and ingame shop, you're just a cash cow!

Your chars all look like a Disney cartoon,

Your Lion King only makes 5 year olds swoon!

Your smashing of Voxels is just a big joke,

They'll bash you to bits till Smedley is broke!"


Now I just need somebody who can sing that.

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