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[Review] Firefall: The Beginning of Something Great



  • jefflim902jefflim902 Member Posts: 11
    Originally posted by strawhat0981
    I just started playing again today, and have had a great time. I really think red5 have made this into a really good game. I even gave them 20 bucks to show my support, I bought a firecat frame and love blowing stuff up with it. There are also many people playing, which also adds to the fun factor. 

    I've yet to throw money at this game but I'm close to it, maybe in the next few weeks. or days.

  • mdrilon222mdrilon222 Member Posts: 11
    I'm an almost exclusive F2P guy and I've never got into the spending habits of some people when it comes to MMO's. I'm currently playing Firefall and I have not felt the need to spend yet, which is great for me if the game is tolerable without having to shell out money.
  • SkinnedInAGulagSkinnedInAGulag Member Posts: 8
    I actually do agree with the score. Sounds generous, but FireFall is pretty good, it doesn't deserve any hate, nor a lower score. It's all fine by me.
  • CuddlyOwlBearCuddlyOwlBear Member Posts: 6
    I think the review is fine, with the current state of the game right now, the devs have managed to put in great content and good fixes to deliver a game that's pretty much a vast improvement from way back.
  • lindzzamoralindzzamora Member Posts: 17
    Surprised about the 50 50 of opinions for this game, personally though I like it and am enjoying it. It ain't the greatest of games, but surely it's something me and my friends can enjoy, which is the important thing for us.
  • EclecticSkyDirtEclecticSkyDirt Member Posts: 14

    Originally posted by psiic

    Originally posted by BillMurphy

    Originally posted by Ozmodan

    Completely agree, what is so innovative about this game, very little!  The value is a bit ludicrous too.  

    It is a fun game, but it has a ways to go to get those scores.  Lately game reviews on this site seem to be pandering to the advertising budget instead of actually giving a fair review.

    Normally, I'd not respond to this kind of comment... but come on.  Go look at our recent scores. To think that ANYONE would pay for the terrible ratings of games we've reviewed lately is just ludicrous.  

    Firefall's whopping 7.7 is about one of the highest the site's seen all year, and while I think it's a fair score and reflects my experience with the game, it's likely not exactly what Mr. Kern was hoping for.  Of the several dozen titles we've reviewed this year alone, only two have scored a flat 8 and none have scored higher than that.  Our review average, compared to other sites, is actually below the industry average. Just look at Metacritic if you don't believe me. Our average score over the past 80 reviews we've published is a 67/100... in other words a D grade for the industry.

    I deal with publishers, developers, and PR folks all the time who think we're "too harsh", but it seems we're not harsh enough for some.

    But yeah, I'll go back to rolling in my pay-off cash while naked and giggling now.


    Ok Bill you make a good point on the scores.


    However as someone who plays these games 10-12  hours a day, 24/7 9/10 times since early alpha I tend to see a lot more than most people playing a game. 

    So that being said let me ask you this when you review a game how many hours of actual game playing is that review based on?

    Too be honest I ALWAYS find your reviews and numbers to be pretty far out of wack with the reality of the actual game, however if you are basing your reviews on only a few days of limited play I could understand.


    Most games are pretty ok and exciting and solid in and around the first few levels the starting areas, but fall apart the further you progress in game. Where 90% of the games out there really show their true colors is end game or lack of it.

    You can't seriously ask a reviewer to keep playing on one game to go through much as a regular player does (like you) - that's not how they work. If they did, they'd be reviewing so few games and just keeping on playing to reach the end-game. They're not paid players, they're reviewing games at the onset, trying out all the features that will appeal or put-off players - be they hardcore or not. 

    Also, just my two cents on this review - it's a good review, I think Bill touched on jsut the good points more but I'm playing Firefall right now, and I can back him up on it due to my experience in the game, and I'm not even mid-way through it yet too.

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