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I came back to Vanguard a couple weeks ago and decided to try three boxing, since it's f2p.

Boxing is limited but doable (flight is ugh).  My problem is the ones I want to box don't seem to do very well :)

I really like the bard so he was my main, set shaman and druid for support/dmg/buffs.  Seemed to work ok for a whlie but still squishy so I tried a bard, monk, shaman.  2 mellee characters is kinda awkward.

Have you tried 3 boxing?  what do you use?

Am I going to have to set the bard as a back up or settle for squishyness?

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is bad.


  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,115
    When I box, I load up the bard just for the song boosts otherwise i dont use him to fight at all.
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