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So how many buttons does it take to make a good mmo?



  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505
    If the game turns out to be fun i dont care if it only has one button.. what matters to me is that i get enjoyment out of it.
  • apocolusterapocoluster Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    8. :)

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • tom_goretom_gore Member UncommonPosts: 2,001
    Originally posted by Vutar
    Originally posted by Arskaaa



    i dont like watching ui more then world.


    You do realize that SOE told you to think that right? I mean that is almost word for word what they said.

    You do realize that ANet used the same thing when hyping GW2. As a happy GW2 player I'm done with playing the UI. 8 buttons will be plenty, as we will be busy with positioning and reacting to the destructable world.

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,456

    Some classes in FFXI can use 10 different macros just for gear swapping.

    In FFXI you might have 10 all usable spells by time you hit level 20 and those might all still be usable even at level 75/80+.

    SOE is famous for replacing spells,so as you go along,older spells are never used again,they made a LOT of filler in their games.That is why they can make less,just remove all those overlapping ideas.

    8 is VERY limiting because you actually only get 4 from your main class/weapon,so only 4 from another class.

    Most likely with this type of system,which i don't ;like btw,most will be picking a healing ability,most likely everyone will.

    So you have every player the same ,that leaves 3 variable choices from the sub classes.Of those 3,most likely some form of CC that everyone will choose,probably an AOE as well,leaving very little choice left.

    I actually see it played more as a constant weapon switching game,changing from mob to mob.This will allow everyone to go for the max dps.

    Where SOE might get lame and i am only guessing,is they might not allow you to get all the classes until higher level,because you need to unlock them.In FFXI they made you earn a level 30 class first to unlock advanced jobs,but aside from that they did not try to hold you back from attaining all the sub classes.

    I think SOE has just tried to create interest well before the game is ready and it worked,we really need to see the actual game first,then we can further evaluate their game.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • loulakiloulaki Member UncommonPosts: 944
    Originally posted by Gaia_Hunter
    Originally posted by Hokie


    This is how a GW2 fight goes and I imagine its will be damn close to EQ:N *these are the key binds for offensive abilities/skills, doesnt even matter what class or weapon you have, they all end up playing the same*.

    1,2,3,4,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,3,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,4,1,1,1,3,1,1,1,2....just cycle and wait for the cooldowns.

    Do you think that will keep people interested in combat for more than three or four months before it becomes monotonous?

    I came here just to see a post like this.

    Anyone that actually played GW2 knows that most of the time you want to use the #1 button since it is generally the best damage skill in most weapons.

    Most of the time you are just moving around while attacking, trying to make the melee swings of the enemy miss, side stepping to avoid projectiles, moving out of aoe, position yourself near combo fields so you can trigger them or receive their bonuses, dodging.

    Sure, in a big dynamic even with hundreds of players, sure, you might just stand there and burn your cooldowns while praying no AoE comes your direction, but go into a dungeon or fractal and burn your skill as they become ready instead of moving around and you will die quick.


    thats true, most post here on this forum about GW2 are based on imagination and bad gameplay and not the true gameplay ...


    i hope EQN will follow this path and make it better ! the main issue with the active game play is that the people look like bots and not players cause there is no place to type ... EQN comes with the campera solutiion, but i dunno if that will work .


  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob Member UncommonPosts: 877

    I've played crappy games that had 40+ abilities on hotbars and I've played good ones.


    I've also played crappy games that had small amounts, and I've played good ones.


    Ends up being irrelevant, IF the game is designed well of course.  




  • onlinenow25onlinenow25 Member UncommonPosts: 305

    Aside from movement buttons 2 is enough depending on the game.

    Anyone played Chivalry?  You have your basic WASD movement Crouch, Sprint, jump.  As well as 4 attacks and block. (there is a kick to disrupt those blocking)

    I say two because I usually only use stab as most people are bad at blocking.  But With 3 attacks, a sweep, an overhead and a stab the combat is very complex and engaging.  I've had duels last as long as 4 mins with both of us going back and forth being able to predict and block the other persons attacks.  It was amazing.


    Then there is Dead Island that I bought from the steam sale for 5 bucks.  Didn't know what to expect but it has pretty amazing combat.  You have your basic movement, crouch, sprint, jump.  It has similar style combat as Chivalry except no blocking only dodging.  What makes it different is being able to dismember limbs of zombies which can completely change they way you engage.  Example being you take out both arms and all the zombie has left is head butting, or you take out a leg and it falls down making it easy prey/not a threat when a horde is after you.   I could even go further into blunt weapons that have higher force, knocking them down easier than a sharp weapons but hopefully my point came across.


    Its not about the number of keys/skills its really about what they do and how they effect combat, and if skills can be used in more than one way in combat.  A single left click on the mouse can being boring but it can also be extremely engaging depending on what the game allows you to do with that single click.

  • onlinenow25onlinenow25 Member UncommonPosts: 305
    Originally posted by dwarfkinglords
    Originally posted by Foomerang

    Deepest combat I've ever played has 4 buttons: punch, kick, block, dodge. If you're not handy with entering directional and button combinations, then you'll need need more buttons.

    right... why do people like this guy alwyas feel the need to put in a comment about how cool they are by using the most insane examples? you wouldn't play eqn if it was like that now would you so why even point it out?


    to me, i just want to see my character do alot of crazy awesome powers, and not just see them do the same 4 moves over and over, its an RPG they are suppose to have alot of abilities. this game is as limited as a moba.

    i think 2 bars of 8 would be perfect, enough to costumize and be diverse

    That is pretty much a dream MMO.  Where combat is basically a fighter.

  • AlleinAllein Member RarePosts: 2,088
    Originally posted by Vutar
    Originally posted by Arskaaa


    i dont like watching ui more then world.

    You do realize that SOE told you to think that right? I mean that is almost word for word what they said.

    While I don't really care on the total number, I do agree with not watching the UI.

    WoW was a UI nightmare. Raids consisted of staring at the threat/dps meters playing my own little mini game of don't get too high on one and try to get the highest score on the other. Not to mention all the options to see what others are casting, how long until buffs/debuffs/skills refresh. Sure I could not use them, but I would be at a big disadvantage in PVP and threat/dps were required, synced and checked by guild leader for high end raiding.

    While GW2 is not perfect, I did appreciate the lack of need to stare at my UI constantly. Once I had my skills memorized, I knew by animation and time when everything was ready to happen. I think they took it too far into spam land, but at least it wasn't spam + stare and UI.

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