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MMORPG.COM News: Exclusive 1st Look at "Pirates"

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Our Lead Content Editor Dana Massey has recently conducted a brief interview by telephone with VR Studios about their recently announced Pirates of the Caribbean Online.  A snippet from the article is below:

Recently, Disney and VR Studios announced Pirates of the Caribbean Online, an MMORPG from the markers of ToonTown Online that lets you be a pirate in a game based on the famous movie and theme park ride. MMORPG.com took the opportunity to learn a little more in during a discussion with Steve Parkis, the VP of Premium Products for Disney Online, and Mike Goslin, the VP of VR Studios who are developing the title. Recently announced, the game is in its absolute infancy, and will not even be at E3 2005. This, however, did not stop us from gleaning some interesting nuggets of information.

You can read the full preview at this link.

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