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Buy more GOLD for more stats from expansion.

angelknight4angelknight4 Member Posts: 98

If you guys like me farming for those artifact to enhance your Meridians, you will know what I am talking about.

So far, I have Green Opal which +50 Dex as ultimate effect and Ice Toad +30 Breath as ultimate effect. There are many others, but those are rare find I got so far.

Anyway, you can use those on your Meridians to get more stats and in order to put it in, you have 3 option: Silver Piece, Silver Note and Silver.

Of course, by highlight under it, the system will tell you that using Silver Note has the best effect, next is Silver and least effect is Silver Note.

I have some gold and bought 2 months of VIP recently to last until after New Year. So needless to say, I use silver and got +27 dex and +14 breath from that.

My guildmate who spent 1000+ dollars on the game already and so he used Silver Note which can be exchange from Gold. He only has Green Opal and got +44 DEX.

There is nothing scream more of BUY MORE GOLD > SILVER NOTE AND GET MORE STATS THAN THIS. Anyone who play for 9 months like me know that Jade gears, stats and rare skills are deciding factors in any fight and with Mt. Hua competition soon, those who spent the most have much higher chance of wining.


Edit: Let's not mention upgraded version of VIP system, which 45 gold instead of 30. However, long time player would not see much on this, but on new server, it will become even more deciding for faster Meridians level and Skill level up.


  • bcbullybcbully Member RarePosts: 9,436

    What he did hear was say "buying gold + random new feature = new negative thread" example, 


    ISK + New ship = "Buy more ISK for more ships in expansion"

    Here's another

    Gems + New exotic armor = "Buy more GEMS for exotic gear in new expansion."

    one more

    Sony cash + New weapon = Buy more SONY CASH for weapons in expansion"


    Test book fishing for bites.

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